Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Second Letter from MTC

December 28, 2009

Dearest jianting!

It has been so good to hear from you and to read your letters--yes, father, we can receive and read mail any day of the week but only have 30 minutes using emails on our p-day. And, dad, thank you so much for your words, they really are wonderful and are some things that I really appreciated reading. Thank you. I love getting mail throughout the week, but emails are just fine dad. The only thing is that i would only be able to read them once a week so i don't have as much time to respond back.

The language is progressing. I mean, it's actually quite funny and i know that I have plenty to catch up on and much to learn, but it is gradually coming. But, dad, what you say is true, the language is only a small part of what I need to be working on because it's the language of the Spirit that is the most important part of teaching. Speaking of which...we had our first experience in the TA, which used to be called the TRC. We didn't have any volunteers that day because it was the day after christmas, but we did have some more experienced missionaries here that acted as investigators who we contacted and then gave a lesson to. It was so amazing! As we gave the lesson, I felt the spirit so strongly and like I've never experienced when trying to teach. There's something about being set apart and being called to preach the gospel that gives you an extra ability and receptiveness to the spirit, I'm positive. When I've practiced lessons other times it has not at all compared to the experience on Saturday. When we went into that room and she told us about herself and situation I had some sort of over-whelming love and concern for her that I can't describe. I wanted to just hug her and tell her that her Tianfu(Heavenly Father) loved her. I've never had the spirit prompt me to say things the way it did in that room. It was an amazing experience. There would be questions that she would present to us and initially I had no idea how to address it, and I would hope one of my companions would answer--but then, it would just come to me. Maybe not exactly what i needed to say, but the idea would come to me and the desire to open my mouth was overpowering. I knew what I was saying was true and I felt the spirit telling her the same. Wow, family, it was just an amazing experience and so wonderful.

We had a wonderful Christmas--do not worry about me. Of course I missed you all incredibly and the meals did not compare at all to a couple of Grandma's rolls :) But it was really great, and Elder Perry and Greg Olsen, the artist, came and talked to us those days. They spoke of course, about Christ, but put Him in a different light that I hadn't thought of before and it was really interesting to listen to.

Wow, there is so much that i want to tell you but I am limited by time....Oh! one thing i want to let you know is that the power of prayer is so strong. Prayer is amazing and it's power is just, wow. I've never said so many prayers in my life, and you know what, I kind of like it :) If you want an immediate presence of the spirit-pray for it. I hadn't realized the importance of prayer before I was here. It really is powerful and helps me feel so much closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior.

Mom, you took some wonderful notes from my stake presidency--if I remember correctly the Stake President also talked about Nephi and Nephi 3:7. But, don't worry, I did write things down in my journal after that day. Oh yes, the journal writing has been very productive the past week, even though I don't usually have time to write down everything, there is still an entry every day (that's almost 7x more a week than I used to! :) ). Oh! Something rather funny, i'm still learning how to dress and act like a missionary--so I still feel a 'phantom cell-phone' every once in a while and start searching for it :) And, I'm also not used to having a watch all the time-but i love it now! love it so much in fact, that I wore it in the shower :) haha, it ok now though.

Mom, Austin, Madi, thank you so much for your Christmas letter! It was very sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed every one. Especially Austin's letter, I wasn't expecting you to write me a letter, but I kind of like it.... :) So, uh,... now that i'm used to it, will you write me again? Send me a letter with your address in provo and I'll write you a longer letter address personally to Austin C. Ko :)

Family, ( wo de jianting) I love you all very much and can't wait to hear from you again soon--thank you so much for your prayers and your letters. Don't stop, please. :) It is getting more manageable, but I still strongly need your help and prayers. Thank you so much though! This church is true and atoning power of the Savior is real, not just for our sins, but for our weaknesses, our trials, and our sorrows. He loves us and wants us to come unto Him, because then He can come unto us. Also, if you have a chance read the Ensign articles from December, they are fabulous. Especially "Home for Christmas" (ironic, right:), we all liked it nevertheless), and "Prince of Peace." Also, some of my favorite scriptures from this week have been Nephi's Psalm (2Nephi4) and Alma 5.Have a fabulous Christmas Break family! Enjoy it before school starts up again!-loves!Sister Ko (Gao Jiamie)

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