Sunday, April 25, 2010

4/18/10 Email

Dearest family!
It was so good to hear from you and hear how you all are doing--
Yes, thank you for your words on prayer, I am so thankful for the opportunities for prayer and to be able to communicate with my Heavenly Father. There are many nights that I just need to talk to someone who understands me and understands what has happenend throughout the whole day and someone who can help me to overcome my weaknesses. And, one thing that i was reminded of yesterday when I met with one of our investigators was about how it really helps you recognize your blessings. My companion was still finishing up with another lesson, so I started asking her about her prayers and she is so fabulous. Her name is Hui jun and she is from china. For some reason I have really connected with her and felt a bond with her and I loved talking to her about prayer and how it has blessed me. And she shared that she liked the 'we thank thee for...' part of prayer. that it really helped her realize things she was grateful for. And really helped her to be happier when she realized her blessings. I loved that! She really is seeing the blessings of prayer, and the blessings from gratitude. She really is awesome, and she knows God is her Heavenly Father and that Joseph Smith's experience is real. We heard that she worked for a binglan shop ;) Which is kind of like tobacco, but worse and more gross, but she doesn't anymore, so we are excited to see her continue to progress--she is so awesome!
I'm not quite sure how the phone call will work, but when it get's closer I'll let you know :)
Oh! Do you remember that one girl i told you about that came after conference and was willing to be baptized? (anqi) Well, the next time I write you she will be baptized! She is so ready, it was so great to call her every day and she would already have read the sections we had given her the day before. She goes to school at 8 and gets home at 9pm and still finds time to read the scriptures! Everyone here is so dilligent and xingku, but their example of faithfulness is inspiring. She'll be baptized next week after the church meeting, and it is so exciting to have seen someone who is ready. That's the only word i could use to describe her: ready. She knows it's true so quickly and understands the importances and blessings of baptism. Wow, it is such a miracle, and speaking of miracles, there were 11 people who came to church! It really is amazing, what is going on here in Taiwan, thank you so much for your prayers and your love. I only have a couple minutes and I want to send you some pictures :) so I shall respond more next week. I love you all!
-Sister Ko

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