Monday, May 3, 2010

5/2/10 Email

Last week was the beginning of a new transfer. Sister Norman and I are still her in Nantun and I am so excited about that because I really feel that we as a companionship still have people that need us and I strongly feel that this transfer will be really wonderful and full of miracles. Our whole district is really young this transfer, all the senior companions haven't been here a year yet and the rest of us have only been here a few transfers, so we know that we will be blessed as we work hard.
So this weekend we had a baptism! Huijun, she is from dalu, from the mainland China, so she has this awesome name hui is her xing, her last name, and jun is her mingzi, her first name so her whole name is Huijun. She is so beautiful and was so incredible to see her be baptized. She was a member referral and it's amazing to see how much she has progress and how she has realized the impact of the gospel in her life and knows the truthfulness of the gospel. She is so happy and I really love her and have loved the opportunity to get to know her--I wrote a couple weeks ago about how she has been happier and realized her blessings as she has prayed. She is so great, and is going to be a fantastic member. (she's the tall one)
Then, last weekend we had Chen feng yun and xiao anqi's baptism. Anqi is the one who is the self-referral that came at conference time :) so cute and so ready, it's amazing to see how they don't need that much time but as long as you have a testimony, are ready to keep learning and to keep your commitments you are ready to be baptized. Feng yun has been an investigator for a long time, but when we met with her two weeks ago to set her baptismal date for May she said she didn't want to wait that long--so she was baptized 5 days later on that sat! :) They are so wonderful and so great!
Now, we are working with huang jiemei, Sister Huang, her sister is a member and it was a little scary at first, not going to lie. She was really scary lady, but it has been so exciting to see the way the gospel is changing her life. Every time we visit she is happier, and she has done her hair or put on makeup. But, it's not just that she's taking care of herself, ....she is ligitimately happier! She is even smiling now! Of course, it was a little awkard at first, but she is so happy, and it is so amazing to see her grow. Her baptismal interview is set up for this week so I will let you know more about her later.
You are all so wonderful! I can't wait to talk to you on mother's day! Love you!
-Sister Ko

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