Monday, January 17, 2011

12/19/10 Email

Oh my goodness, it has been a year, hasn't it?! It really is going by too fast. Every day I think my brain goes through a cycle; in the morning I realize that there is still so much time and so many people I haven't met, and then when we come home at night and suan numbers I think about how fast the day went and how time is going to be up so soon. This move-call has been so quick. Sister Lai and I have really had a wonderful time together. We are different but yet so similar, and I love being with her. I think that is why it has seemed so quick, we have been so busy and love working together so it really has been a blast. And so many miracles!
Guo j.m. was baptized this week and confirmed yesterday! There was a fantastic spirit at her baptism and I am so thankful for such a well-put together ward mission council that will get things done and have everything ready so things run so much smoother. She gave a fantastic share, she has really gained a testimony of these things and it was her time to get baptized. We didn't do much, she was ready. She is going to be an amazing member and will continue to grow and learn, she loves the book of mormon and will continue to find answers to her prayers from it.
Our investigator jing yi, she is the one who will get baptized on christmas. Ok, the craziest thing happened! Yesterday morning, before church we were dialing phones, and getting things ready for church. We say some people across the street and someone sitting on the ground on the road. There was a motorcycle that looked like it had slid all the way to the shop across the street and there were pieces of it scattered over the road. The person looked kind of familiar and then we saw the helmet and knew who it was. It was Jing yi! We ran over and talked with her and the people around the accident site. She was on her way to church and got hit by a car! But, oh my goodness, family, she was so protected. If you could have seen her motorcycle, she should have been hurt way worse. An ambulance came and picked her up and we went to visit her last night after she got home from the hospital. She's beat up pretty bad, has some road-burn rashes on her face and she doesn't have front teeth anymore but she's ok. We still shared with her about baptism and Jesus and when we talked about moving her baptismal date to next week she freaked out. She said she didn't want to wait. Christmas is the day she wants to get baptized.
The only problem was, that since she went to the hospital she didn't come to church. In our mission you need to come to church 3 times before you can be baptized. So yesterday I called President Bishop to get permission to still allow her to be baptized. When I called him he laughed at me. :) I guess some other missionaries also had christmas baptismal dates that their investigators won't be able to hit because they didn't come to church today. And President Bishop has really helped us put a strong emphasis in needing to build up the kingdom of God with new investigators that will endure to the end. But, he still let me talk and tell about our investigator, when he heard about it and heard that she was right outside the church when she got hit he said that was a real legitimate excuse, and he gave permission! Unheard of! We needed to get the Bishop's approval, but he is so you ban fa it was easy, so jing yi can still be baptized on Sat!

-Sister Ko

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