Monday, January 25, 2010

1-25-10 Letter

Dearest Jiating!
My wonderful family, how are you!? Somethings I learned this week in companion study was when we were reading church talks. Wow. "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson is so fabulous, and was so humbling, wow, he has a way with words and way of still making things so inspiring. I loved how he mentioned that it is all about our MOTIVES for doing things. It was really good.
Also, one thing that Sister Smith (the MTC President's wife) said in Relief Society last week was that she hoped we had become "best friends with the spirit." She said it in jest, but I wrote it down and thought it was really interesting. It will be such a benefit to us and such a help if we could do that. For one thing, it is through the spirit that we gain our testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. I always love Alma 5:45-46. Because, like Dad was saying, it's all about the spirit, not about the missionary. The language of the spirit is the method of conversion. Oh my goodness, I have realized the truthfulness of that this week. Wow.
On Sat we had our first chinese lesson! All chinese. No english. Teaching. Dui, shi zhenshi de. It was so nerve-racking, but you know what, I have fantastic companions. It's weird how, you don't understand everything that is being said or don't even realize if you are saying what you want or saying it correctly, but you know what you are saying is true. And because you know it is true, and because you are testifying of Chirst's church, the spirit is there. It is so amazing. I can't describe what a miracle it. President Hinckley gave a fantastic talk on the "miracle of faith." Because every testimony is a miracle. A beautiful miracle. A miracle that we all can experience through the power of the Spirit. And, just think how lucky we are as members of the church to be blessed with the constant companionship of that comforter, that testifier of truth. Wow.
Ok dearest family, I shall leave you here today and I will let you know more next week--but thank you so much for your prayers and your love, I love you.
With much love,Sister Ko

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