Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2/1/10 Letter from the MTC

Dearest jiating!

I love you all so much and love hearing about all you do.

Ok, so now some fun stuff... Oh! Something really funny that you'll all get a kick out of is that my companion, Ma jiemei, and I were called as Co-music coordinators of our zone. Haha, it's so great, all the older missionaries left last week and took all the musical talent with them. My district did the musical number yesterday and there was me playing the piano, the other 6 members of our district singing,....and about 7 other people in the "congregation" listening :) hehe, there is no one here this week until we get our new missionaries on Wednesday. Haha, yes, I played the piano. I have found that if all the real musical talent leaves you have to work with what you have left :) I have had to take some MDT time this week to go practice the piano, but it's been good, I can play some things with practice. Also, the most hilarious part is this: you know how I sound when I sing, right? :) Well, Ma jiemei loves singing and Ke jiemei really really doesn't like going to choir, so when Ke jiemei went to a Coordinating Sister meeting I went with Ma jiemei to choir. Then we preformed at the Tuesday devotional :) Haha, yes, I sang in the choir. It was actually really fun! I loved it! I loved being part of something that sounded so beautiful--I have really appreciated the spirit that music brings, this week. (Oh yeah, and evidently, we had some really great camera time. I guess the camera took a minute to zoom in on our faces during the song so we had a couple people talk to us after and congratulate us for singing :) ). I love hymns and the spirit they can bring.

Ok, something that stuck out to me this week while we were looking through the first lesson is the blessing about families. go to PMG and read about how the gospel blesses families. Then read Moses 6:59. The blessing of the gospel allows us to live with our families forever, but it also blesses us in this life as well. We can learn to be a stronger family and love each other more, have a peaceful home, become better parents and children...when we follow the teachings of the gospel. So amazing. Also, I've really enjoyed finding scriptures on why bad things can happen to good people. It is such a sad reality that things happen but we can find reassurance in the Book of Mormon. 1Nephi 11:17, I love so much, we don't know everything, but we do know that God does and that He loves His children. And, Alma 14: 9-13, wow, such powerful missionaries with such a great companionship. But, I love the fact that we may not understand, but we know in whom we have trusted. Trust that He knows what is best for us and what we need.

Ok, so this language is tough. Really tough. But, it is so beautiful in it's own way as well. I love bearing my testimony and I love telling people what I know is true. A couple weeks ago we played this game called bendiren, did I tell you about that already? A bendiren is a "native" so you have to pretend you are a native the whole day and you can't speak anything other than chinese. Or you have to at least speak the chinese first before you can speak english. I had some great times with that. It helped a lot, but it also frustrated some people. It was funny because I was getting a salad at one of the meals and one sister was really friendly and came up and starting talking with me. Then she stopped and said, "oh, can you not speak english" Of course I had to talk in chinese first so I told her i could speak english but was playing a game and had to speak chinese first. She had the best expression on her face, but that expresssion got even better when I spoke in english after chinese. Haha, it was funny, but, uh, she didn't ask me any more questions after that :) haha, I guess I look ethnic, right? :) dearest family, i love you so much, but alas, I have 20 seconds!love you!-sister ko

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