Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June 13 Email

Family! Love you all!

Yeah, it happens sometimes when people have the desire to be baptized but there is parent or spouse fandui...uhm,..protest i think is the english word. It's also different here in taiwan where if they are under 20 they need written permission and if they still live with their parents they need verbal approval. A lot of people actually live with their parents and it seems like it's what everyone does unless they go to school far away, until they get married. But almost every weekend they still go home so sometimes it's hard to get people to church consequetively.
Yes! Zone conferences are once a transfer and we also have combined district training meetings once a transfer. Our combined district training meetings are what I think are normally called zone conferences because they are with all the districts in our zone and our zone leaders are in charge of it until President Hoer comes at the end and shares. After we have mission president interviews. Zone conferences are with two zones and it's mostly talks and training by President Hoer, Sister Hoer, and the assistants. We have one tomorrow and I'm so excited for it and also so sad because this will be the last time to see the Hoers. Mission conferences are twice a year (one is always at Christmas) and the whole mission will get together--our new mission president, President Bishop will be here by July and we will have a mission conference the week after. I really love all the opportunities to hear from the mission presidents and our leaders. I have a testimony that as they tell us to do things and as we follow our investigators are blessed and are more receptive to progressing towards baptism. I always remember those first couple days of being on island and it just re-energizes me to go out there and be a better missionary.
We are teaching some great people right now--two are classmates that love coming to church. They are so receptive and so open to learning and to pray and read. He jia yi and liang jia yu, they are so cute and I am so excited to be able to keep seeing them progress. Our xu j.m. won't be able to get baptized soon because her husband won't let her, but she is still coming to church and ever since we talked about sabbath and wearing skirts she loves dressing up and wearing dresses to church :) We also had another member referral who is now progressing. Honestly, it just takes them reading the Book of Mormon and start to apply it to their lives. She is amazing, she came to church yesterday with her sister and stayed for all three hours. Then, she actually came to us to set up the next time to meet with her--she has concerns with the word of wisdom, but wow, really is progressing so much--her name is ma xin jie, such a cute little taiwanese girl.
Ok, i'm going to write to madi now, but I love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes--I will gladly eat a piece of cake for each of you :) haha, love you and wish you all a great week!
-Sister Allison Ko

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