Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June 20 Email

The retreat sounds so great! I'm glad they were all well-behaved and had fun. I really like what Bishop Traveller said, and Murray's brother. That's a really good thing to think about and to have as a constant reminder that each day is a new day and each day I can dedicate fully to the Lord. Not going to lie, somedays it is very hard to get out of bed, but then again, the time to get back into bed comes very very quickly. Time goes by too fast. But it is amazing what happens in the time that passes. Lin yu chen is getting baptized tonight! I am so excited about her--she was the very first person that Sister Norman and i started teaching together. She went to Thailand for a week and disappeared and then we were worried about her for a really long time, but got back in touch with her a month ago, and wow, she is going to be great. She just graduated from college and is the cutest girl ever.

I'm so excited for the people we are teaching right now, one is a grandma whose daughter is a member and she has so easily be willing to keep commandments and really agrees with the principles behind them as well. Such a cute spunky little lady--yang mama. And those two friends who are students, jia yi and jia yu, they are going to have their baptismal interview this week! They still might have family fandui, family protest issues, but hopefully they can ask soon and get a positive answer. But one of the most exciting things is that we have just started teaching two moms! They bring their children to our appointments and they are so great and so willing to learn.

This sat there was a yw/ym missionary activity. Those kids are fantastic--they really have the missionary spirit and are excited to be missionaries. It is so exciting to see them go out and be willing to share. There is this one 15 year old girl that was with me for a little while and she was inspiring. Not afraid to open her mouth and share. That is fantastic and that is what it takes, because people can't feel the spirit of your words if you aren't saying anything. The first step is to open your mouth. She says she already knows she wants to be a missionary and I know that she will be a great missionary one day. There is another boy in the ward who is really inspiring. He is in high school but helps the elders with their lessons all the time, it is amazing. Him and his sister joined the church a few years ago and their parents aren't members but they come every week and he passes the sacrament. It's really amazing and inspiring to see the members of these wards and how the gospel really influences how they live their lives.

I had a fantastic birthday! A member had the day off and wanted to spend the day with us so we had a peike at all of our sit-down lessons. I don't know how people found out, but I guess my companion told some people last week because a sweet member took us out for lunch and our investigators kept telling me happy birthday :) Because we were with a fabulous member who knows all about taiwan food, we explored some new places and I tried some new noodle dish with oysters and....pig intestine :) not bad, but something I ate that day did not go well with my stomach because the next couple days have been interesting. haha, we had fun and I also received a couple happy birthday cards, but other than happy birthday and sister ko I don't really know what they say :)

haha, love you all! have a fabulous week!

-Sister Ko

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