Tuesday, July 6, 2010

June 27 Email

Dearest family,

Thank you so much for that fabulous package! Wow, that was so exciting! So many fabulous goodies and surprises :) I saw meimei on sunday and we will go visit her and her mom sometime this week and I'll give her that book, she should like it :) And, those rings are perfect for the 11-year we are going to start teaching, and probably our recent converts would love them as well--this week we will have 3 baptisms! Two are friends who are so cute, they are the most different people but the best of friends. THey are just the kind of friends everyone should be to each other, and they have been each other's biggest support as they have investigated the gospel. Jiayi was the first to really feel like she was starting to develop faith when she prayed. And, jiayu had a fabulous experience with prayer and having the scriptures answer her prayers. And, I love having lessons with them and looking at their faces and knowing that they are feeling the spirit and knowing that they know it is true. At a couple points they were worried about being baptized and not being able to follow all of the commandments all the time. And yes, sometimes things seem like we don't want to live with the fear of making mistakes, but that is what the Savior suffered for. We will make mistakes and we aren't perfect, but the Savior is, and we can become perfect through His Atonement. They are so obedient and stiving to be faithful members. I know that they will keep doing so and will continue to develop faith and will endure. Yes! Endure to the end! Even though they are so different our district leader calls them the twins because they are always together. At church, at lessons, everything--even though they live in different areas, one will call and change the time so that they both can be together to have lessons. They have always been together :) I am so excited for them, they are the sweetest people--and they made me this photo-card for my birthday. Pictures of me and my companion and them and all of us together and it is the cutest thing ever, I'll send a picture next week.
The other is an amah! A grandma :) She is the cutest little thing ever, but really spunky. Her daughter is a member and she is ready, at her baptismal interview this week our district leader told us that she said she should have been baptized a long time ago. She saw the change it made in her daughter and son-in-law's lives and should have joined the church right then. She is so cute and will be an amazing member. She was so funny when we explained commandments because she would say, oh...tea, alcohol....that's going to be hard....hmmm.. yes... hm.. no, no...keyi, keyi I can do that yes, i can do that, no problem :) She is great.
This move call has been really exciting because I really wanted a high baptismal goal this move and we are going to accomplish it! It is such a miracle area and people are ready to hear the gospel. This is the truth. The fulness of the truth. There is only one Plan and the only way the Plan is possible is through Jesus Christ. I love this gospel and know this is God's truth. I love you all!
Good luck on the river! Be safe! I forget...who else are you going with? That should be so much fun!
Love you!
-Sister Allison Ko

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