Monday, February 15, 2010

2/15/10 Letter from the MTC

So, you asked about our exercise time. We always have 50 each day except for p-day or sunday, but it's all in the gym and you don't have to do the same thing as your companion. I like to run on the small track upstairs but it's so small that I think it takes 10 laps to go a mile, so honestly I never know how far I run. I use my exercise time and jogging time to study and catch up on language exercises :) I don't let myself stop running until I've counted to 100, said our purpose, and the first vision, and whatever scriptures we're memorizing that week. Twice. :) It has helped me so much and I can count a whole lot better now :)

I got to be a host sister this week! That means that when the new sisters come in we get to show them around and help them find their room and classroom. It was fantastic! I got to help two sisters who were heading to Argentina...and then....there was a sister from Taiwan!!! I was so lucky and had just finished helping the other sisters when she came in. Her name is Sister Wang and she is going to California on her mission, but I got to host her and got to practice my zhongwen! :) It was so fun and I loved hearing her speak and practicing. She was so sweet and so nice, and is so excited to be on a mission.
We had a Chinese new year party yesterday. OH yeah, Xin nian kuai le! Happy New Year! We all wore red and black yesterday and then went to the temple before dinner, where our zone and district were able to take pictures.
This week one of the speakers talked about setting goals and how you should always set goals with the Lord. And then, our goals will be accomplished according to our faith and desires (D&C 11: 8, 17).
Also, we were teaching some principles from the second lesson this past week and then our district had our weekly sunday school lesson on the spirit world. I really love the Plan that our Heavenly Father has created for us. It really is perfect. It really is another beautiful expression of His love for us. I was reading Alma 40-42 and how it lays out what happens to us after we die. It is such an inspiration to live righteously and to live worthy so we can be worthy to receive all the blessings we want in the world to come. I am so thankful for it, and the ability we have to live together for eternity.
Mom, your YW new beginnings sounds fantastic! And I love the them you printed out for me, it reminds me of the scripture in Romans 8 which has been one of my favorite theme scriptures this past month. It mentions that if we are with the Lord who can be against us? Love it!
Oh! Family, one last thing I want you to know-- President Monson once said, "Love is the catalyst for change." It can be, and it is. Remember that, I love you all so much and hope you will have a fabulous time in Hong Kong, Provo, and State Wrestling :)
Sister Ko

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