Monday, February 22, 2010


Dearest family,

Haha, so, you all know how I just really like 'things' right? How I'm a big pack rat? :) Well, haha, first of all my companions and I joke around about how much I love things, but they think it's cute. But! Even though I love having lots of little trinkets, I've done so much better the past weeks. I haven't gotten any new things because I have to save 'weight' for all my books :) I have a whole bunch of really fabulous books ( I now have 3 Preach My Gospels! :) English, characters, and pinyin). Also, I've given away a few of my shirts or sweaters that didn't look as nice, so I have less clothes--but the most exciting news is that I had a "packing practice" last week where I just loosly put everything I owned into my suitcases and weighed them. Perfect! I'm good so far! So hopefully I will still be ok when it comes to my departure date. However, our teachers keep telling us that they will come out with a new language program before we leave and we'll get some better books, but we're not sure because they also told us that the first week we were here :)

Oh! One thing I would really appreciate whenever anyone writes is for people to share some missionary experiences or spiritual experiences. Especially mom and dad. I really don't know that many stories and would love to hear more. Dad, would you tell me more about your conversion in Hawaii?

I just want to tell you all about some things I've loved this week. One of my favorite's is from St. John 16:33 that says in the world there is much tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world. So true and so wonderful! We do have hard times, we will have tribulations, but even though that is the case, we can always draw inspiration from the fact that the Savior overcame everything. Overcame it all. He went lower and suffered everything so that He would know how to help us up and how to lift us higher. The Atonement is so powerful and has so many different aspects to it that I never realized. But, what I will always understand is that it is amazing. It's power and ability to bless our lives is more than I could ever deserve, but yet, Jesus Christ was willing to complete the Atonement for every one of us. Wow, so wonderful.

Also, during part of personal study I was reading in Mosiah and read about Abinadi's mission. This week we talked about having a 'successful' mission and how that doesn't neccessarily mean baptizing everyone, but doing YOUR best. And, that's really what life is all about; it doesn't matter statistically how well you do (of course, the more people we can bring to baptism and to learn of the gospel, the better) but it's about doing YOUR BEST and knowing that the Lord is pleased with your service. Abinadi didn't see any baptisms at all, but his mission was extreamly successful :) Alma went on to preach and bring so many people to the gospel. But, also what I really love about Abinadi's example is in Mosiah 17:9-10, he is so strong in his convictions of the gospel and his testimony. I love it.

I love you all! Good luck! Jiayou!

-Sister Ko

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