Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb. 8 Letter

Oh! It's so wonderful! We have new missionaries! They are so awesome, pretty much all of them have had many years of previous experience with chinese :) So, uh, they all can speak better than me...haha, it's so great though, I really love it because then I can speak with them and get lots of help with grammer. That is where I really need help right now, because there are some words in english that they don't have in chinese that makes translating some things very difficult. But wow, they are all so enthusiastic and so wonderful, I love having them!

My departure date got moved up, because we came in a week early, so my departure date is March 9. Sister Collyer is going to Taipei so we will leave at the same time, but my other companion Sister Malmrose will leave a week earlier and head to Vancouver Canada! I will miss them so much! My companions are so wonderful! I really am being blessed by having them. Sister Collyer is very dilligent and keeps us on time for all our activities. I am learning so much from her and her example. Sister Malmrose is one of those people who I wish I had an older brother for her to marry. Wow, I can't put into words how many times her friendship has helped me and how sweet she is. She is so patient and so willing to listen and help me with chinese. We also can laugh at each other and it's been so wonderful. I really love my companions so much.

Oh! This sat at the TA we had a zhende mudaoyou! A REAL investigator. Or, well, a real person who volunteered that wasn't a member. It was so wonderful, but I was so super nervous I can't even discribe it. It was great because I could feel the spirit so strongly and know that he was feeling it to because he told us so! When we asked him how he was feeling he told us specifically that being there in the MTC around all the members and being here he definitely could feel the spirit. (yes!) That was so wonderful and was such a great experience and I am so excited to be out in the field and teach people every day. Wow, I can't wait....but, yes I can. I very much can because wo de zhongwen hai bu hao, my chinese is still not good. :) It's coming and those cute new missionaries say that my chinese is a lot better than they would expect for 7 weeks ( :) ) but I know I have so much, so far to go until I can teach the way I would like. But I'll tell you, I know the lanuage of the spirit is so much stronger than any skill I could acquire. It it so much more important.

I am so excited to go out to Taiwan! We watched "Finding Happiness" this week in class, in chinese. And, even though I didn't understand everything I knew what they were saying was true about God and about his love for us and the beauty and potential for families. And, it's for the Asian countries so there are all asian people in it. It was beautiful. And, as I watched it I knew that I would be there someday soon, that I would be going there to teach those beautiful chinese people. I know that this is a part of my plan, to bring the gospel to these people. I already love them. I have never been there but I want to be there so badly and I am so excited to share this gospel!

Dearest family and friends, I just want to share this before I leave: I was reading this morning about King Benjamin--I'm sure you already have this scripture memorized mom, because I remember it's one of your favorites :) , but, in Mosiah 2, especially verses 20-25, it talks about how we really are nothing compared to the majesty of God, and yet, He still loves us so much and wants us to become better, and wants to bless us. All He asks is to follow his commandments and then he will bless us--we can never catch up and serve Him to the slightest extent that he blesses us. Such love

Ok, I love you all and hope you have fabulous weeks! I will also write a letter home to each of you--I love you so much!

-Sister Ko

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