Monday, March 22, 2010

3/21/10 Letter

Hello dear family! It's so good to hear from you! Don't worry about printing off letters and sending them, every once in a while a letter would be nice, but we get an hour here so I have plenty of time to write and read your letters. Also, it is so good to hear about people back home--I had totally forgotten how much time had gone by and how people were getting married and off in college.

So, we had our second baptism on Tuesday and since move-calls start on Monday we had the first baptism of the move call in the whole mission :) She is so sweet and has a cute little daughter with an english name of Apple. Some people's 'english' names are so funny here. It was a little nerve-racking because the ward mission leader totally forgot about it and we had to rush around and make a ton of phone calls to get some other missionaries to come over and baptize her. But, as crazy as it was, when we got started it was so beautiful and such a spiritual experience. I don't think she knew her baptism had been forgotten and it was so wonderful. The spirit was there and it was so exciting to see. We also challenged one of our investigators to be baptized this coming Sat so we might have another shortly.

My companion, Sister Norman is so amazing--she is helping me so much and is so patient and hard-working. I really love it and really love working with her. I really still don't understand so much of what everyone is saying. But, I know it's coming....I am progressing. I really appreciated Sister Norman's help, especially when she wasn't able to be with me. We have three wards that we are missionaries for, so for two of the wards we had to split up and I took an investigator to sunday school and relief society while Sister Norman went to Sacrament mtg. Oh my goodness that was an adventure--I felt like I learned so much though, and got to hear so much chinese, it was fantastic! But, I really hated not being able to explain about church or get to know her more. I know it will come with time and work.

Dad, thank you so much for your wonderful letters, you are so sweet and they mean so much to me! You'll love this: we always show pictures of my family and whenever I show people they always comment on how shui my family is. Especially you dad, they always say you are super shui and you look like a movie star. Every once in a while they say that about Austin too, but mostly you. You really are super shui.

Also, oh my goodness, I love the food here--it is so good. Everything, and I always love trying new things. The newest thing I've had is the blood cake, which dad could explain to you, but it's not bad, has a different type of texture. The only thing is that a lot of the food has a lot of oil and grease, so I'm trying to be more careful about what I eat. But, dad, remember those pastries I love :) everywhere. and every 7-11 has them. There are 7-11's on every street corner, it's hilarious, but it's really convienent because we can make copies and get cash there.

Haha, also my bike is fantastic. Although, I've been having some problems getting used to it. You know how graceful I am, right? How balanceful I am, uhhmm, yeah, riding a bike is sometimes hard :) And I keep needing to be somewhere quickly or hop on really fast so I end up banging up my legs, I have bruises all up my calves and the other day I cut my ankle...haha, but it's mostly just funny now.

OH! But I really want to tell you about this lady we found this week. Her name is Huang, Mrs. Huang, and she is so fantastic. It was so fun to meet her and talk with her. I found her around our church and she was so willing to talk with us and even after she wrote down her information and the light had turned red again she still wanted to talk to me. Haha, I couldn't say much but I asked about her family and learned that she had two kids. When she came for her first lesson she was so fantastic and I love the spirit that is there, and especially when she prayed. I love listening to people the first time they pray and am so amazed at the spirit they bring. It's so great to hear them pray and to think about how different it is but what a wonderful experience they will have and how learning about pray can help them so much.

Yeah, contacting is funny now because I still don't know what people are saying. BUt I always ask them if they've ever been to church and then even if I don't know what they are responding with I share the gospel anyway! :) haha, and if they let me get they're information, my companion comes and helps me set up a time to meet with them. What did you do to understand people more?

Yeah, it's funny because people always look at me and can't figure out where I'm from. Even when I talk and tell them I'm from the US and they hear my accent, they still don't believe me. Because I don't look fully Taiwanese but not really american either. I puzzle everyone

Ok, I have to head out now, but I just want to let you know that this church is true. I know that Jesus Christ and God appeared to Joseph Smith and that through him they restored their gospel. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer and that this is His church. ONly through HIs gospel and through His Atonement can we be cleansed of our sins and be able to return to God's presence and live as families forever. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that the truths in it are precious. They help us to become better people and to find happiness. I love you all and hope all is well! Have a fantastic week!

Loves! Sister Ko

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