Monday, March 29, 2010

3/28/10 Letter

Dearest family, my dear jiaren,

Mom, I really loved what you said Sister Kezele said that her son wrote. I need to remember that and remind myself about that sometimes. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself and that I can't say anything I want to, but I need to remember that it's not about me or what I can and can't do. This is the Lord's work, so it will progress. When I contact people, I'm pretty sure they don't understand what I'm saying--you don't have to say much--but people will listen and hopefully something from the way we say it and the way the spirit testifies of it's truthfullness that will persuade them to listen and set up with us.

You asked about contacting--when we do contacting it's mostly whenever we are traveling, as we ride our bikes, whenever we are stopped at a light we contact. We have these awesome pamplet things that are called tracts and we give them out like candy. No, better than candy :) It has everything about the church and a whole section on the Restoration, lately, that has been my favorite place to turn to if we have enough time. It takes us a little longer to get to places, but it's an awesome way to meet people. I still haven't done any tracting, and my companion says that we really don't do much of it, she's only done it once. Yes, we also have a lot of single women in their 20's that are intested, it does seem to be the most common age group, but I really want to find a family so bad. It's so weird though--families are always the ones who are the least interested and the ones who are the quickest to wave us away and say, oh, bu yong bu yong, bu yao.

The wards we have are fabulous though--and they are so willing to give referrals. That is such a better way to do missionary work, through the members. If they are being referred by a friend, people are so much more willing to listen. The single's ward especially here--they do such a good job at fellowshipping people in and making everyone feel welcome. That's something that I wish I had done more. Every week when we have investigators come, everyone is so nice and welcoming. It is so awesome!

You mentioned the youth ate some of those crickets! Did you try some?! That sounds so fun. I love trying things here--there were some things even with dad that I didn't try because I just didn't know how to eat them--but today I ventured outside that relm and ate some duck neck...then some fish jaw :) I guess that's what it was and I really didn't know how to eat it, but a member took us out to eat today with her friend. We were able to teach her about prayer and set up another appointment with her, but before that the member kept bringing back other dishes for us to try. Not going to lie, it was fabulous! And I tried some sushi and it was, oh my goodness, I can't describe how creamy and delicious it was...

I'm sending some picutures from the MTC, my volleyball friends, and from Taiwan, I love you all and wish the best of you all!

-Sister Ko

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