Monday, August 9, 2010

August 3, 2010

Dearest mother, dearest family,
Sorry about the late letter--I forgot to mention that this week we were going to the temple so we would write letters on Wednesday instead. I am so excited, I love the temple so much and I'm so glad I still live north enough that we are able to go. Hehe, Madeline is cute, pedicures....hehe love that girl. She does get really into things doesn't she? :) Yes, Elder Uchtdorf was picking up his sons from their missions, one was from our mission, the other from Taibei.
Yes, it is very different here, and very interesting, but one thing that has been helping me has actually been through that statement you said someone's son used on his mission. "I can do anything for one day" I wrote that and stuck it on the bathroom mirror and make sure I look at that every morning and recommit. Because it really does need to be attacked one day at a time. Each day needs full commitment. Yes, I love what you say about doing hard things every day.
Talking to everyone on the street is sometimes hard, but I think it is helping me really personalize my contacting because they need to know personally why and how this gospel will bless their lives. And, especially because they have already heard about the gospel and feel like they have already given it a chance or don't need it. It's kind of funny--here are some of the excuses people give us when they don't want to talk to us: "Oh, I don't believe that kind of thing" "I'm already Christian!" "Oh, I have a friend who is Christian" Of course there are others, but that last one is especially my favorite, evidently if your friend is christian that's enough ? :) But, mom, you are wonderful, thank you for your inspiration and confidence in me and the work. It is very true. Sometimes people are long term investigators until the right person comes along with the challenge. Sister Pease is so good about talking about that and about how interesting it is that everyone with their specific personalities and traits are what the investigators at this time need to hear.
I'm not really sure what will happen when she leaves. Because usually there will be a duan chuan, which is a taiwanese member who volunteer's between a week and 6 weeks to serve a mini mission, and then a new companion when the next transfer starts 2 weeks after that. But, I'm not sure...I will ask our mission president in the letter this week and see if he can let me know. Because if that is the case I'll be senior companion for a few weeks.
Our little 13-year old was progressing so well, her dad came with her to church on sunday!!! Which was fantastic, but he's really not interested in still meeting with us in the future, but he seems to be more open about letting his daughter still attend. We met with them and has his permission now, but we need to get the mother's permission before ying xuan can be baptized.
Ren zhi and her daughter gui mei are progressing as well. But they really need to be reading their scriptures everyday and ren zhi smoked yesterday. We all fasted together on sunday and she stayed smoke-free on sunday and monday so we know she can do it. We have met with them every day since sat so I really hope they can continue to progress. She is so great though and quit her job selling/drinking tea when she found out about the word of wisdom. So, right now not having a job allows us to see them often.
Ok, love you all so much, and I will let you know more on Monday :)
-sister allison ko

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