Monday, August 9, 2010

July 25 Email

Dearest family, it is so good to hear from you! It sounds like this summer has been going fantastically and you are having lots of fun with all your various activities.

Yes, I loved Elder Rasband's talk, it was so good to hear that and reread it this past week and to really know that each person is inspired to be where they are supposed to be. YEs, I have heard the danger of parked cars, and yes I have been hit by one of those, but they opened the door slowly enough that it wasn't bad and I was mostly able to move out of the way :) It is so interesting how people really watch your every move and notice missionaries a lot. The last week I was in Nantun this one man stopped us and asked us about the church. He said that he watches us get rejected every day and he was so curious as to why we were still happy and how we could deal with it. He was so curious as to what we were doing and what it was that was so special that caused us to do this every day. It made me really take more thought into how I act when I get rejected. It's hard. Really hard. I'm not good with rejection. Especially when it concerns people's salvation and happiness. It's the hardest thing to try to get people to understand what they are missing in their lives and to realize how important it is. But talking with that man has helped me resolve to be more positive with each person I contact. When they reject the message, it's just not the right time right now, they aren't ready, but other people are.
The first week here was harder than I expected, not going to lie. I had heard that the first move was difficult but I didn't really think it could be much different, I mean, you're still in Taiwan, right? :) There are just a totally different mix of people here that you take a totally different approach to contacting. But, my companion is such a good example of talking with everyone. She is such a happy and optimistic person, it really is wonderful. There aren't very many stoplights like in the city so every person we see we stop and talk to. It is very different, but wonderful because you talk with everyone and know that everyone you see is being given a chance to hear the gospel. It is also an area that has had missionaries for a while and a lot of people are used to seeing missionaries and know about us and the church. It is also different because there are not as many people we are teaching right now, so I am very excited to work with the newly contacted people we have and help our progressing investigators keep meeting with us so they can keep progressing. It was so weird to have all of Sunday for proselyting, we only have one ward so the rest of the day we could go visit other people and have more lessons. It is very different here than my last area and it's hard to change my ideas of missionary work, but I am working really hard and really trying to change myself. Prayer. Prayer is power :)
Right now we have this cute little 13 year old who is progressing really well, but her dad doesn't want her to get baptized so we are talking to her dad tonight and we'll see how things with that. Adorable! So willing to keep the commandments, so cute, is a little worried about not buying things on sundays, but really great, and we have this fantastic member that we invited with us in lessons. She is 18 and such a role model and a wonderful example with a beautiful testimony. She also has been inactive so she has great personal experiences about what the church can do for you and how there really is a difference when you are not coming to church or following commandments. Then there are also a mom and her daughter. I have hardly ever seen such a patienct and kind mother. When her daughter was invited to say the prayer and said she couldn't her mom coached her through it and did what we usually would. But she was just so loving and patient I was so impressed. Sometimes from investigators I learn some of the most important traits and expressions of faith. THey are amazing!
Ok, sorry I wasn't able to write back to individual family members today, but next week I will! Love you all!
-Sister Allison Ko

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