Monday, August 9, 2010

July 18 Email

Dearest loved ones,

Yes. Yes. It is very hot. Very hot indeed. And it will still get hotter as July concludes and August comes up shortly, wow, I don't think I've ever been so consistently hot in all my life, but I think I'm also getting used to it a little bit....I think I'm just getting used to the fact that I don't ever stop sweating now a days :) But, I'll tell you this: everyone thinks I'm really xingku, really hardworking, because of it :) The garments are fantastic, I don't know which they are but they are working fabulously, thank you so much!

WHew! Here is the news from TAiwan: I moved! It was really sad yesterday to leave my first area and to leave our new members. There are some fantastic members that I will never forget and will be eternally grateful for their example and influence. We had another baptism on Saturday with two of our longer investigators that I met at the beginning of the 2nd movecall. They both are so great and just were so moved by their baptismal service. And it's just so moving to see their faces after and when they tell you thank you there is so much more. The last move call has been a move-call of miracles. So many miracles...we talked about how different missionaries focus on different key indicators in the mission work (such as getting members to help with lessons, getting people to church, adding people on the street..) but Sister Crane and I joked around that our key indicator was baptism :) We accomplished our baptism goal for this move-call and a week later, after we set that goal I doubted a lot about what we could do and if we really could help our investigators progress towards baptism. But we accomplished it, I really love how this move call and last, the zone leaders told us to continually pray over our baptismal goals. That helped me, personally, stay focused on our goals. And, the best part about it is watching these people continue to come to church and enjoy the blessings. I loved how yesterday one of our new members helped us peike, helped us teach an investigator, and it was amazing to see how her testimony has already grown from her month of being a member. And especially, when last week she didn't go to church she shared about how horrible she felt and how her week really didn't go very well and she knows it's because she didn't come to church. (lin yu chen). She was so nervous about baptism but afterwards she has been so blessed and been so happy. It was so great to see her and have my last day to see her progress. It is amazing what the knowledge of the gospel will do to people's lives.

So, my new area is called Nantou. It is a lot more country, there still are buildings all over, but no big apartment buildings and a lot less people so contacting will be a bit different here than in the city. Oh, and a lot more hills :) I am going to get incredibly strong in this area, and after this I should be able to keep up with dad and marcus :) But, oh my goodness, it is so green and beautiful! So many trees! Wow, honestly, such a beautiful area. And I hear there is Sunmoon Lake here that all the japanese tourists come to taiwan to visit :) A lot of people come here on vacation so it really is such a great beautiful place. My wonderful new companion is Sister Pease, who is one of the happiest and enthusiastic people I have ever met. I am so excited to be serving with her! She's from Salt Lake City--she went to school with Libby and her sister Becky! Honestly, this place is wonderful and I am so excited to be in a new area and be able to meet more friends. It will be so different, and there is only one ward which will be such a change from having 3 :) But I hope then that I will be able to learn people's names quickly and be able to get to know people quickly. This is Sister Pease's last move-call and she leaves for school a couple weeks before the move-call ends so I will need to jiayou and work really hard to get to know the area quickly.

Ok, I love you all and will send some more pictures next week, and I'll show you this beautiful area and my wonderful companion!

-Sister Ko

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