Monday, November 15, 2010

11/1/10 Email

Hello dearest family!
This week we were able to see Momo (that's her english name), Liu bo tao get baptized! It was wonderful! She got baptized yesterday after church. Ok, it was actually pretty funny to start off with because I guess the baptismal font water wasn't quite turned off all the way so it just kept filling up and all of a sudden the bishop's wife runs into the sunday school room and tells us the xili water is all over the floor :) It was a funny experience and with help from the fantastic bishopric and other missionaries we were able to get it all taken care of. Luckily that day the ward was going to eat together so we ushered everyone in the gym to eat and had the baptism after everyone ate. It was so good too, because all the members except one, who had helped us teach with her, was there at her baptism. She is the cutest lady ever and her baptism was amazing. When we were walking with her to the baptismal font she was so moved and she got really emotional and said she was just so happy and excited! Yes! She is one of the investigators who doesn't really feel she has had any big feelings regarding the church but yesterday was just perfect for her, and we reminded her to write down her feelings of her baptism so she won't forget.
That's mostly the bulk of the exciting events. Yesterday we also had a mom and her two boys come! That was awesome, I met her on the street one day and when I asked her if we could share more about our church she invited us over for dinner. Her family is very much buddhist and Sister Lin thinks that her husband's job has something to do with Buddhism, but she is really nice...and most of all, came to church! Her two boys are the cutest things ever and they are really smart too. She reads the Book of Mormon and is willing to pray, but I think we need to follow up with that a little more to see if she is actually doing it every day. But, with all the baptismal font water excitement we weren't able to see them after church so I hope they are ok.
And! That cute taiyu-speaking grandma is progressing! She is saying prayers on her own and comes to church on her own. She really is so sweet and the humblest old lady you ever met. She is one of those ladies who doesn't like to sit around, her husband has money and they live in a pretty decent place, but she loves to go outside and collect trash and recyclables for money. But, it does make it hard to get a hold of her most days, but we have recently figured that nights we can usually find her at home. The only thing is, she lives in Nantou, at the top of the mountain, so it takes a long time to even see if she is at home :) But, it's worth it.
Oh, Costco cakes, how I miss them.... I hope you enjoyed Dad's cooking and the chocolate cake--dad really does have an amazing talent. It's weird how food is so cheap here that most people rarely cook for themselves. Even some mothers here in the wards don't really cook all that often.
With the computer at home and everything in the garage I hope it is more convenient to do the billing. Good luck with all that!
Oh! I teach english class and they like having topics they can prepare ahead of time and share with the class. It's the highest class so it's all in english--what do you suggest for topics they can prepare on? The past couple topics have been: animals, family traditions, food, holidays....
Wow, that really must have been a treat to listen to Sister Meyerhoffer, her mom really is amazing and an inspiration. I think we all take some things for granted and sometimes forget how everyone has different difficulties. And sometimes there are things that are hard, but we do them.

Love you all, good luck this week!
-Sister Ko

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