Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/7/10 Email

Hello dearest family!
I just have to start out and tell you about yesterday. It was probably the most fantastic Sunday I've experienced here in Nantou. Sometimes it has been hard getting the ward involved with welcoming our investigators or new members. But yesterday was just wonderful. Before church started there was one of the elder's new members sitting by himself in the front and I saw two members go up and talk to him and congratulate him on his baptism. Then, there were fantastic testimonies on service and then great lessons on the importance of family and gratitude. Momo received the Holy Ghost and of course, if you knew her you would understand, but she said she didn't feel anything special during her confirmation. But, during every single hour of church she said she was so moved and really felt something special. And, she loves learning and every week she learns more, and she loves to serve, she just fits perfectly into the ward. There were so many people who went to talk to her after sacrament meeting, but what I loved was when relief society started there were people who came in and specifically went out of their way to talk to her and just chat with her. Then, another investigator came and Momo got an opportunity to sit by her during the gospel principles class, and during relief society the peike from last week's lesson was ready and sat down by her and introduced her during announcements in rs. :) :) :) And, one of our new members is pretty shy and gets akward around so many people but she's hilarious, (zhang ren zhi, she got baptized with her daughter a few months ago). And we'll still been trying to find ways to get her more involved with members--after church the relief society president went up to talk to her and told her how she has always wanted to talk to her but didn't know how. Told her pretty much that she wanted to be friends and get to know her more and one day we could all sit down together and just talk. And! The bishop's wife was talking with our investigator after church as well and was working really hard to confirm her for church the next week, talking about the good aspects of church and how much they wanted her to come. I got to tell you, it really was the most fabulous church experience ever. It's really cool to see how much change my wonderful companion has brought to this ward and this area. She's a miracle worker and it really has been amazing to watch this progression.
We also have a cute little amah, grandma we are teaching. She has such a hard time remembering things, but on Sat when we were having a lesson with her it was the cutest thing--she finally sang with us. We sing the same song every time we go over and she finally was recognizing the tune and words and started singing along with us! She is so cute, almost 80, and the sweetest thing ever.
And, I love you all so much! Have a fabulous week, hope you enjoy the pictures...sorry, it's been a while without any, but here they are :)
-sister ko

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