Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/14 Email

Hello dearest family!
Last week we had zone conference, I saw Elder Ammon Chung! He is doing great, and his chinese is fantastic. We mentioned how we both haven't heard from Jarom in a couple months so we speculate some sort of wedding announcement shortly :) During the conference we talked about setting goals and making plans and particularly in relation to our our daily goals and weekly planning sessions. Setting goals is something that I want to be better at and keep doing when I return home. I love how the assistants mentioned that there is a different feeling when you are around someone who sets and accomplishes their goals. I want to be that kind of person. But I am still learning, and in particular setting attainable goals....but it's coming along. It really does feel like the most amazing thing when you accomplish goals.
Remember how I talked about how it's funny when there are spurts in the mission when you are teaching the same type of investigators-- well, before we taught all young women, now we are teaching all amahs, grandmas. We have about 4 70-80year old investigators :) They are really cute and sweet but we are having some problems with memories and commitment issues sometimes. It's hard to determine if forgetting things is a legitimate excuse :) And sometimes these ladies can be very fickle at deciding what they want to do with their time or where they want to go to church....still working with them....
But one, who is not an old lady, is Iris. She is really cool and really smart. Really thinks about things and likes to ponder the scriptures. She is about early 30's and divorced. Loves to talk, but last week really opened up about her feelings and her divorce. Came to church for the second time yesterday and really loves it, and our members are doing so great and welcoming her in.
Oh my goodness yes, it seems to be going by way too quickly. I can't believe it. It seemed like the half-way mark took a little while but now that it is already past it feels like it's really going downhill. My trainer goes home in one week so next week all my previous companions will be in america. Sister Lin has until about February, but she might talk with President Bishop because the chinese new year is right around then and for taiwanese sisters, the year and a half mark falls in-between move-calls so her family is wanting her to come home the transfer before.
Have you been able to get a hold of your old converts?
Typical day...every day is a little different, one a week is district training meeting where our district meets and there are shares and practice of some sort. I always love those oppotunities to learn. Most of the time we only see members of our district, and with the new changes in meetings we are having less bigger combined meetings so we really don't get to see others very often, maybe every other month. And, wednesday nights we have english class. Fridays are weekly planning sessions where we stay in for a couple hours and plan for the week and set weekly goals and plans. Other than that it's all outside. If we have lessons a lot of time is spent getting to those lessons and then having them. On the way to lessons at stoplights we talk to everyone and try to find more people to....have lessons with. :) In between those times we use phones and call our progressing investigators, referrals, recent converts, or call old records or people we met but weren't able to set up with. Oh, and we eat. Can't forget that part :) I love eating. You asked what kind of things we eat. I think I can sum it up in a question that Sister Norman would ask me before every meal: "Rice or noodles?" :) There is a lot a rice and a lot of noodles. Hehe, but it's all so good! Fried rice is good, but also a lot of white rice with sauces and different vegetables and meat. Also I really love biandang's. Rice with some sort of meat and then you have a few choices for what kind of vegetables or side dish. I'll try and get some pictures for you.

-sister allison ko

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