Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1/16 Pictures

So, we have boxes on the back of our bikes so we can carry Books of Mormon, ward lists, talks, more tracts.... Old box next to the new one(#3) :)

This is the dried meat stand by our house, I thought it was hilarious, asked if I could take a picture and they came out with samples :)

This is the lunch place. I love ya rou (duck). The laoban, the owner, came out and talked with us for a little bit. He loved that we were taking pictures and he put the duck and the pig's head in the front so we could get a better picture. Then I asked him if we could get his picture. He's so awesome,...and it was so good! I bought two sauage links :) spicy ones. Sooo good!

Eating the duck...

This stand has these little pancake things that are so good! You can have pretty much anything inside it: red bean, taro, milk butter cream sauce, sweet potato, chocolate...this one is peanut.

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