Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1/23 Email

Well, not going to lie, with a taiwanese companion you spend a lot of time resting indoors, but I really liked being able to get things done and get letters written. But with Sister Lin, the last couple weeks we had a lot of district and zone activities too so we went outside quite a bit--but to be honest she really didn't like the temples or places we went to and always wanted to leave quickly, so it will be fun with Sister Peterson to see what she wants to do. The weird thing is we are pretty much in the city so there aren't too many things other than shopping to do, but her card is still having problems so we haven't gone shopping yet. We want to visit some street markets when she has money. So, typical day: leave, go email, buy things, eat, run errands (go to a bookstore to buy supplies, print pictures...), buy food, and come back home. Sorry, it's not too exciting, and I'm such a horribly boring companion right now, I always love spending time organizing or finishing up laundry so I love at least an hour at home to finish writing letters or organizing things. Temple days are scheduled once every other transfer and usually with two zones, but since we are too far south we won't be able to go, if I move back up north I will but, I might not be able to go again until the end of my mission.
So, concerning our wonderful investigators: Remember that Sister Gan from last week? She is doing great, her motorcycle broke down right before she was going to leave on Sunday and it is getting fixed right now. She couldn't come yesterday because (she is more poor than I thought), she had to go to certain meetings to get money from the government. I'm not too sure what it is, but she really wants to go to church . Every time we visit them they have improved. It's hard to keep 4 kids distracted and happy, but each time they pay attention for longer and always, with the closing prayer they are fantastically reverent. Sister Gan has problems with the word of wisdom but is so willing to stop. She does everything, tea, coffee, alcohol, binglan, and cigarettes. Everything else she can stop right now, and we set plans to help her quit smoking, she smokes 2 packs a day. We set a plan with her so that when she wants to smoke she can do something else. She said she wanted to read the Book of Mormon. So whenever she feels like smoking she will open her scriptures and read. And, then we helped her make plans over the next couple weeks to give up smoking. We went to visit her again on Sat to follow up and keep teaching. It was one of the happiest moments on my mission. However, I'm still kicking myself for doing such a poor job. We went right into the lesson and didn't really reveiw her last week's reading and didn't ask her about the word of wisdom right away. But as we were finishing up and asking her how she was doing she got really excited and said: "While i was reading I read this part, and I know Joseph Smith is a prophet." :) She was reading a section at the beginning where the three witnesses were testifying of the Book of Mormon and as she read it she said she had a special feeling and knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet. And!.... she has been reading more because every time she wants to smoke she will open the Book of Mormon and read! For the past two days she was still on the same pack of cigarrettes! She loves learning about the gospel and she is already repenting and loves it. I love visiting them and hearing about her experiences and how she is using the gospel to change. She says her husband has noticed her change as well. It is such a beautiful thing to watch. I love visiting them. Every time it is so worth it, I love being with her. During lessons you can just tell she is just soaking up the doctrine and loving it. Really using it in her life to change. Oh, how I love that family!
We also had some really awesome first lessons this week and really makes me excited to see the progressing investigators we can tell you more about next week.
Oh! Also, haha, that bread activity! (Oh, by the way, could you let me know what temperature you would cook pizza at? And, do you have a recipie for waffles/pancakes? They loved the bread and want more :)) This week we had an activity at the church and were able to get in contact with so many new members and some investigators. Remember how I accidently told one of the members I knew how to make bread? :) Well, the activity was scheduled and Sat I taught how to make bread. I was hesistant at first because bread takes a long time and isn't too interesting--but it was a hit! The member brought her daughter who was able to meet more members, and come to see the church. Then, our other long time investigator was able to keep meeting other members, and we had a new investigator attend. I met someone on the street and she was really interested in coming and making bread with us-- the other members were so good at guanxin-ing her and talking with her. And three new members came, one of them was a member that more or less active, so it was so good to be able to see her as well. And! One of our new members, jing yi, also brought her friend! We started meeting with her and she is one of the most prepared people ever, she has such a strong desire to know about her Heavenly Father and about how to be happy.
This place is so amazing. I love being here and I love being a missionary.
Thank you so much for your support and love! Have a wonderful week!
-sister ko

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