Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1/30 Email

I'm sorry, there isn't too much to tell about this week. A couple things just came up all at the same time, and it got a little stressful, but I think the only important thing you need to know is that prayer is the most powerful thing ever. It has an indescribeable strength that can help the weakest person find direction, strength, and comfort. The words from our leaders, now and ancient prophets is the word of God and will tell us what we need to do. This week, prayer and the Book of Mormon have just been the biggest sources of comfort to me. And, because I know that Book of Mormon is true and is the word of God, I know that the promises it contains are real. It really tells us what we need to do to have peace and happiness in this life. But, this week was also a really good experience with being taught by the spirit. We had a really fabulous leadership training meeting this week and it was full of practicing and training, and wow, so good. I learned how I really need to change a lot and change my focus, really focus more on our purpose when we teach. And, I also just loved the spirit there. As much as you can be taught by leaders, the best teaching is by the spirit. They really established an environment of the spirit which gave me a really good opportunity to learn other very important things as well.

Wonderful Sister Gan is improving, only 3 cigarettes a day! But we went to training for two days in Gaoxiong and then didn't get to see her for 4 days...she didn't come to church either. I'm nervous about it and hope she's ok. The family is also leaving for the chinese new year but I forgot when. Oh! By the way, Happy New Year! It's better than Christmas here :) so many lights and red paper.

And, we met this new girl the other week, Lin yu jing. She was an old investigator from over a year ago and really easily set up with us. I don't know what happened a year ago, because this girl is golden. She reads every day, prays every day. And, when I say, hey do you think you can read a whole chapter tonight and we can talk about it tomorrow she says she probably can...then the next day she'll say... ohhhh, I didn't read that chapter, I read all the way to chapter 5 (smiling Sister Ko). She's great. And, it always makes me laugh, but right before we are starting to wrap up she will say: So, when is the next time we can meet? Don't you guys want to set up our next lesson? She is only 17 so parental fandui might be an issue, but we shall see. She asked us if she really needed her parent's permission to be baptized--she wants to be baptized but she is scared at what her parents will say. I'll let you know about her, she is really awesome.

Ok, that'll probably be good for today, I hope you all have fabulous weeks!

-sister ko

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