Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1/23 Pictures

So, I did it! I ate snake! All the members, and especially our new members are so curious at what we eat and what we want to eat. I told them dad said I needed to eat snake before I left, so they went and bought some for me. Went home, cooked it up, and ate it :)
Lots of bones.....not bad, kind of fishy texture...

here is Brother Lai and his cute grand-daughter. She is adorable! They are also really cute together, he used to be our ward mission leader and he loves missionary work. He wants his whole family to join the church so he introduces us to everyone :) She came to church yesterday and loved it, likes singing and read scriptures with her grandpa today. We went to go see them this morning and have a quick lesson with them in the park so we were able to get a picture with them. So cute! (dad, this is you and your cute little sunnu in 15 years) :)

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