Saturday, April 2, 2011

2/14/11 Email

Dearest family,
Oh my goodness, that was a blast! It was so tiring, I've never been so tired in my life, but we were able to see so many blessings and so many miracles.
Oh my goodness, you talk about me coming home. I'm never coming home--I barely got here and oh my goodness, I love it here. Move call results: we are still here, me and Sister Peterson in Jiayi. I am so thankful--and we are going to see so many wonderful souls being baptized in the next couple weeks. These last weeks have been hard, but there really are going to be some great baptisms in the next couple weeks.
This week was full of miracles! There were so many people that were willing to come to church and came! Remember that one girl that wanted a miracle even after she read the whole Book of Mormon? She is our week B right now, she has anxiety problems that require medication, so sometimes it is hard to get a hold of her, but she loves church. Loves the members, and loves what a strong emphasis on families the church has. We need to quickly meet with her a lot to get her ready, but she knows that being here is the right step for her. She said she has been trying to change for 19 years and hasn't been successful, but we told her that before maybe didn't work but we through Jesus Christ and through God's methods can have success. Because their ways are perfect. With her I've also learned the importance of really good peike. Whenever she has questions it just happens to be our peike that has had the same question or concern and has faced it. She has had different peike's for most lessons and I am amazed each time as each one shares personal experiences and it is just what she needs to hear. She also really needs a friend support system and she loves how everyone is so friendly and loving in the ward.
We also have the cutest little student, cai you jia, who came to church yesterday and the young women were so wonderful. One of them has been helping us peike and when she came last week(but had to leave before sacrament meeting) they were a little bit distant, but this week the whole young womens group sat with her during sacrament meeting. And there were other new people there that I was sitting down and talking with so I wasn't able to guanxin her as much as I would have liked to. I was a little nervous because she is really shy, but no invitation from missionaries, the whole young women's group just sits down with her! love it. I love following up with her and going over her reading. She really applies them to herself. She has already taken the steps to stop drinking tea and she is so cute, and even called back later in the day to see if cooking things with alcohol was ok :) She's so awesome. It's so amazing to see her change, she is the most shy person ever, but is happier and talks more each time we meet with her.
And, our wonderful yu ting, waited 7 months to be baptized--is getting baptized on sat! I love this girl. I sent some pictures of us and her and pei yi, they are the best of friends and help each other stay active in the church. So golden. So excited for her baptism sat!
Such a beautiful miracle: One in-active member, we met with her before christmas and invited her whole family to come, they didn't come, but a couple weeks ago the bishop pulls us aside and says: Hey, this sister says her daughter wants to learn about the gospel. Yes. And she also has two sons too, so we are teaching them right now and trying to help the mom get back into the habit of coming to church and remembering the blessings of the gospel. She hasn't been to church in a while and doesn't feel like the church has anything to offer her so it might take a bit, but we are excited to meet with them. Also, there are some concerns with some of our new members, but we talked with our zone leaders today and got some great suggestions. One of the solutions is to help them reach the highest level in the celestial kingdom :) We are going to help our investigators start dating and think about the eternal perspective of things.
Oh my goodness, yesterday we had 10 people come to church! There were a couple people I met on the road a week ago and a couple days ago that said they were willing to come to church. They came and were so golden--before I even asked them they already said they were going to come back next week and were so willing to set up a next time so we could tell them more about the church. One of them even had read some anti-mormon literature online(there is plenty of it out there let me tell you....) but said she has a friend who is a member and still came anyway and said it's not like the internet said. She is really willing to learn and keep coming. She seems really genuine and awesome. And the other ones were this mom and son, so cute! Already christian and were really interested in the Book of Mormon, didn't have a lot of time on sunday after church, but really wanted to know more about it.
Sister Gan update: We got a hold of her! She didn't entirely disappear, but i think she has been really down lately because she still hasn't been able to entirely get rid of smoking. She smokes 5 a day now (instead of 2 packs a day) and I was so excited for her and we gave her a lot of face--but we will still need to visit and help her some more so she can progress completely give it up.
Yesterday at karen's house: Oh wow, the most amazing lesson. Remember the member who wanted me to make bread and then needed the waffle recipie? Well, we went over last night and made waffles and ate dinner at their house. Afterwards I was a little nervous to approach her daughter and ask her if we could share more about the gospel. She got really defensive when we asked her to read the scriptures. But, the zone leaders were with us because they were also going to meet the elders. They started sharing and just brought the spirit in, shared a personal experience with how the gospel of Christ had changed their lives and we mentioned how knowing the gospel will not make our trials any less, but they will help us know how to face them, and help us live the most happy. She agreed to meet with us. And, we wanted to teach her how to pray and to read scriptures and you know what she said---"I already know how to pray. My mom taught me. She doesn't know but I pray every once in a while." I just want to say to anyone who thinks their efforts are wasted--they are not. Karen had taught her daughter to pray over 15 years ago when she joined the church. Her daughter (now 32ish) committed to praying everyday and when we left we asked her to say a closing prayer. It was the most simple but afterwards karen started crying and said that was the first time she had ever heard her daughter pray. I know that no effort in teaching our family and friends is ever wasted. And I know that the gospel changes lives.
thank you so much for all your prayers, you are helping the work progress and helping us see miracles!
-sister ko

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