Sunday, April 3, 2011

3/6/11 Email

Well, it rained like none other this morning, but right now it is good. The rainy season was more in august but every one in while there should still be a good couple rainy days coming up in April and June. Yes, it wasn't really that cold, but if it's not cold it'll be hot soon. The hot hot I'm not too thrilled for, but it'll come regardless ;)

This week was a really interesting one, a couple disappointments. Jia hui didn't get baptized yesterday. She has a testimony, knows she needs to get baptized but it might also be her emotional state this week. She does have emotional phases and this just might be one of them but basically she doesn't want to feel alone and she feels like Heavenly Father hasn't answered her prayers because she isn't married and doesn't have her own family. She said she read about baptism and knows that is what she needs to do, but doesn't feel happy right now so she doesn't want to get baptized. We talked a bit about how the church really really supports family and establishing family relationships but that still isn't the thing that is going to get her happy. We have some wonderful suggestions from our leaders and she says she will still come to church so we can still keep working with her.

But, that cute little you jia, she didn't pass her baptismal interview because of the last question. She thinks she's not ready because she doesn't have an unshakable testimony. On Sunday we fasted for her, jia hui, and guo jing yi, who all have a testimony and have felt the power of the Spirit testifying to them, but still don't feel like its strong enough to want to be baptized. Other investigators, especially zheng pei xiang, wow, moving right along and is just so wonderful. Has a really good friend, another less active who has started coming back to church again. :) and they are cute together. They strengthen each other.

And we recently were able to meet with a cute wu jing min. She and her boyfriend started coming a couple weeks ago and last week she had been for the second time. Her boyfriend lives in Huwei and goes home on weekends so we have called the Huwei elders and yesterday they both heard about the word of wisdom. She is such a prepared soul. On first hearing about the word of wisdom she was really shocked that tea was bad. She loves tea. But all we had to do was read the promised blessings together. I asked her what was her favorite blessing, asked her why she wanted it, and she said: Because i want to be healthy, I want to live long and healthy and if I keep this commandment I can have health. (yes, yes you can.) She pretty much finished the lesson herself. Family, she loves tea, but she is going to start today so that she can have the promised blessings. She is fabulous.

So we started meeting with Debbie, Karen's daughter. She is just in such a perfect place and is just so open to the message of the gospel I know that as she reads and prays and starts to follow the commandments she will know it is true and what she needs. I sent some pictures, one is of Teddy. He got baptized, and we invited Debbie to the baptism. It was so good. He gave a fantastic share, and Debbie cried! She cried during the baptism and we were able to sit down with her after. She said when he talked about how today was his new start, she just loved it. She feels like she is in the same position and this is her opportunity for a new start. She also came to church yesterday. Her mom is a member so she is familiar with commandments. We set a baptismal goal with her and she said, well, I love coffee and I love tea. But we know it won't be a problem once you know the church is true and realize the blessings that come from keeping the commandments. I'm excited to watch her develop her testimony and progress.

And, there were more less-actives at church yesterday! It was so fantastic, there is this one that we've been visiting lately that wants to but just can't seem to get up in the morning, miracle! She came! And, because our 3 children investigators have a very inactive mom we invited the whole family to come to church. The one son is so fantastic and he has cram school but was so sad all of sat night that his mom said, fine, I'll take you guys to church :) She came and her three kids came! She came to church! And there were fantastic shares today, I really hope they feel the spirit and are able to realize what they have been missing.

Lately, when reading the Book of Mormon I have loved how different things pop out to me when I look for the Savior. I love my blue pencil. It picks up everything about the Savior and how He treats us, how He shows His love for us. While reading 2 Nephi 26 I learned so much more about charity. How it really is the pure love of Christ. And that chapter talks about how the pure love of Christ doesn't discriminate and His gospel is for everyone. Not just for everyone, but he wants, welcomes everyone to partake of the free gift of salvation. I love the testimonies of prophets and reading the words of the Savior.

And,....I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

-sister ko

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