Saturday, April 2, 2011

2/14/11 Pictures

New Year pictures from our apartment complex--it was better than Christmas, and at night it was so pretty! with all sorts of lights up

This is us with our pretty pineapples we bought everyone because we thought they were so cute and festive. Little did we know they are bai bai pineapples: people worship them when they worship their ancestors. Yes. We didn't have enough money and everything else was closed when we realized so we gave our wonderful bishopric baibai pineapples. They were really nice about it :) The elders thought we were really funny.

So, dearest madeline, here is Jared Zhang and his family :) I love sister zhang, and they took us out to eat lunch last monday. She is writing you back soon :)

We also met with our cute new member pei yi and our almost new member(baptized this sat) yu ting and took pictures and drank watermelon-milk drinks (soooo good, sound weird, taste fantastic.)

Taiwanese people make me laugh sometimes...dogs need glasses, who knew?!

Us and our bikes :)

Eating! This is one of our favorite places to go to---choose what you want and pay accordingly, soooo good!

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