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2/20/11 Email

This week was fantastic. Yu ting got baptized! She was the most nervous thing ever, I have never seen anyone so scared and excited, but it all worked out and she gave a fantastic share. Oh my goodness she has waited so long. And it was awesome, the first sister that taught her just got done with her mission so she was able to come down and see the baptism. And, I also loved how one of our new members who is her best friend, pei yi, also had an opportunity to share and they both shared about how their friendship and the gospel really helped them through each of their tough times. That is the power of friendship in the gospel! I think this is the conversion that I can pretty much safely say I didn't help at all, but it is one of the ones that I will be the most proud to have witnessed. She is what I hope all my new members can be. Strong in her testimony of Christ, her testimony of church, of commandments, and strong in her ability to help others realize their testimony and allow friends to help her. I love yuting.

The cute student you jia--well, she got a job and can't come to church on Sunday. When we met we didn't have enough time to get out the commandment of sabbath but explained about why the sacrament is important in relation to the doctrine of Christ. She was really intested in that part. Not just that you can get baptized, but when you come to church every week it's like being baptized again. We are praying with her every day this week so that she can find a way to come to church. But we really just need to get the commandment out there and let her know that another reason we come to church is because it is a commandment of God.

And, we have a cute guo jing yi investigator. She is an english class investigator. She is special. The first time we met with her she was one of those people who clarified expectations with us right up front. Told us the elder made her say a prayer during english and she felt pressured into doing it and she really didn't like it. Told us didn't believe in God and wouldn't pray. Didn't want a Book of Mormon because she wasn't going to read it. Our peike was good and told her to take it anyway. We completely changed the lesson. I have never had a lesson like that before, but we pretty much just let her know why we let everyone know about the church and how it can help her. I still invited her to say the prayer at the end and let her know that we wanted her to pray because that was how she would know about God, but still ended up saying it myself. I honestly thought she was not ever going to come back. She did. And, it was so weird, she kept letting us know when her phone number changed and she was still willing to meet with us a couple weeks after that. She has had a couple experiences and just some wonderful feelings but she has a testimony of God. Not just that He exists but that He IS her loving Heavenly Father. It's really miraculous. I don't know how to explain it but now she loves to pray, loves to read the Book of Mormon, and came to church yesterday and thought it was amazing. She is a very simple girl and is always confused after church or after lessons. But she says that even though she feels confused she still has such a peaceful and comforting feeling and she knows it's good. Even if it all doesn't make sense, she knows it's good. We are trying to help her focus on that feeling. Sometimes everything doesn't make sense, but we know it is of God. There is also this member from the english class with her that has a crush on her. He is so cute and he'll call us or talk to us almost every day to see how she is doing and how she is progressing. It's really cute. And the other day when we were talking as we were leaving the lesson she said, you know, I think I would like serving a mission. It seems like something I would like to do. :) She's great.

And, a zheng pei xiang. She is so awesome. Met her two weeks ago on the street, she came to church, knows this is God's answer to her prayers and is reading, praying, and loves church. She can't get enough of it. I loved her reaction yesterday. She came a little late and when we walked down the hall to greet her she pretty much walked right past us and say--Hello! I'm going to Relief Society right now! Cutest thing ever. We need to find a way to meet with her more often or teach a little more simple to get her taught everything she needs to know. She's just so prepared! She told us about her experience last week--she was talking to her friend and mentioning that she wanted to find a church, wanted to find God's church, and the next day I met her on the road and invited her to church! :)

And, our new members wore skirts! I know this shouldn't be that big of a thing--but it is. That is one of the barriers stopping our new members from going to the temple, but they have kefu-ed and there is a temple trip this sat that one of the new members will be going to. They are preparing for the blessings of the temple! This is what the church is all about. We don't just want them to get baptized. We need them to become active and temple-going members of the church. We are so excited this week to tell them more about the blessings and opportunities of the temple to help them prepare.

I am loving the Book of Mormon activity. I have actually started taking my Book of Mormon with me and sharing from it. I let them know what we are doing and how it has helped me realize more than ever that the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ. When people had certain questions I used to turn them to the questions from the tract and have them read from there. Sometimes I still do, but now I most often will turn them right to the first page and have them start there. Because, I know from personal experience that even in the very beginning they will see references to Jesus Christ and they will learn about His attributes no matter where they turn. I am confident that they WILL learn about Christ because of what I have found and learned as I have read. Yes, I am a slow reader, I'm not quite at the page I need to be but I am definitely reading every day and I am definitely finding things that will help our investigators.

-Sister ko

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