Sunday, April 3, 2011

2/28/11 Email

Dearest Family!
I love you all so much! I hope you had a fabulous week--this week was too good to talk about. So many wonderful experiences!
Do you remember that wonderful jiahui, the one who has read the entire book of mormon, is getting baptized next week! And the coolest part is that she wanted her baptism during the day, and even more perfect, wanted it right after church so her family can see and come to church to. During her baptismal interview she told Elder Webb that helping her family meet the gospel will help her conversion and staying strong in the church. :) Perfect; member family referrals, and this really is something that has changed her and she wants to share with her family. And, today we went with the ward on a hike to Al li shan, and she came too. Loved it and had a great opportunity to meet so many new members. I am so excited for her, she has changed so much! On the way up and back I was talking with one of our new members who was with us the first time we met her. She says she has changed so much and is so much happier than she was before. Smiles so much more and is so willing to meet and do the things she needs to.
And one of our investigators, it was awesome, we ended up meeting with two different investigators at the same time and it was almost like having a peike. The one investigator was that zheng pei xiang (invited her on the road and it answered her prayers), and she pretty much talked about why she loves church and her testimony of already keeping the word of wisdom(she learned that one the first day she came to church). And, when our other investigator (a young student named Ru), said she couldn't come to church until 12--church is over by then--pei xiang said,"no no no, you can't do that, you need to come earlier than that. where do you live? I'll take you." It was really cute and so exciting! They both came and loved it. It is so cool, Ru has had the Book of Mormon for less than a week and has read into Alma. And pei xiang, we are hoping she can keep making commitments and prepare to be baptized in two weeks--but she wants to read the whole book of mormon first (I told her she better read fast :) ). She is so cute, past 2 Nephi, but still has a little bit to read.... But, she really is the cutest thing ever, she is a petite, really fashionable girl with big crimped hair and she washes and cuts dog hair for a living. She has such good questions during lessons and has such a desire to learn so much. I've never seen anyone so excited to find out that she didn't need to give us back the Book of Mormon. She could keep it and write in it. She was so excited and went out and bought little stickers that she could put by her favorite verses :)
And, you jia, the shy student came to church! I couldn't believe it! She got out of work for an hour so she could come to sacrament meeting. She really has such a desire, I've never seen such a desire to obey commandments and come to church as with her. We've also been praying with her for over a week to find a way to come to church--it worked!
Thank you for your sweet letters last week and your update this week. Wow, more weddings and babies and all sorts of excitement! Congrats to David, I also heard from Grandma that his girlfriend was really cute and sweet, I'm excited to meet her this summer.
You all are so fantastic, keep smiling!
-sister ko

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