Saturday, June 29, 2013

3/6/11 Pictures

the famous Jiayi turkey rice

 and the box that our favorite fried rice comes in....don't you love english translations....

Before the hike at the bridge(last week)

 On the hike--kung fu panda,  there was bamboo, the moment needed to be documented

 Hiking group, the one with long hair and glasses is jiahui

 Bishop Du and his beautiful wife, I love these people

at the summit!  But of course, the fog prevented us from seeing the adjacent mountains.....

The guy in the middle is Teddy.  We all love Teddy.  He got baptized on sat.  His interest in the church, crazy enough, started with David Archelleta.  Cool huh?  He heard some church songs and got interested in the church, came to english, started keeping commandments before he even met with missionaries...and 2 months later he is baptized!

At the top!  The woman in the white hat is Karen, we are meeting with her daughter Debbie.  Karen really likes me, I'm not quite sure why, she's a funny woman.  But she really is one of those people who wants others to be happy and is trying her best in life.  I like her.

I loved being up there, it was so green and so beautiful among the trees and foilage of taiwan.  Oh, my soul was so happy!

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