Monday, October 25, 2010

10/10/10 Email

Hello dearest family!
Oh my goodness, wasn't conference amazing!!? Wow, I love how they know how to bolding and with love tell us what Heavenly Father wants us to hear. And, when I was listening to the talks there were so many things that our investigators will benefit from. I hope they were listening carefully... When they especially talked about agency and our choices, nothing Satan does can Make us choose bad choices. Following the commandments is our choice, but no matter what, wicknesses is never going to bring happiness. The chosen leaders of our church gave such beautiful, inspired messages. I am so thankful for modern-day revelation.
One investigator in particular that came is this english-teacher mom that is the cutest and spunkiest mom ever. Came to church with a friend and loved it. And she says she loves it better than her old church because you get to learn so much every sunday. And, i love what she said about baptism. Because we explained that she has to live a certain way and has to gain a testimony before she can be baptized because it's not just a quick decision. The actual baptism is quick but it is such an important step and a representation of a forever commitment to follow the Savior and Heavenly Father's teachings. She loved it. Thought it was the smartest thing ever and was more excited at working towards baptism because of it. She said with her other baptism there wasn't anything to it, you didn't have to do anything and she thought that was silly. She is so excited to prepare for it...but, she is still have trouble keeping commandments. The hard part is there is no addiction involved, but she said once she knew about the word of wisdom it made her want to drink coffee more and drink alcohol. So, she probably won't be baptized this weekend, but she is progressing and needs a little bit more work but she is so cute and enthusiastic about learning and gaining a testimony. Just needs to do it.
Oh, mom last time you asked about our investigator that can't read. Well, part of the issue is that she speaks taiyu which is a little different from mandarin so even if she could find audio I'm pretty sure they don't have taiyu....but we are still working with her to see if she is still interested. She is having some work and husband issues and hasn't been too interested lately but we will still keep working with her.
Wow! Babies all over the place when I get back, and weddings! That's exciting! Oh, don't worry about my shins, some of it is the bike but mostly from mosquito bites. Our landlady jokes around that nantou is so pretty that everyone wants to come and visit, even the mosquitos. There are a ton. And they have horrible, small black mosquitos (that's really the direct translation) that are pretty small so you don't notice them until they are biting you. It's a mafan.
Ok, love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!
-Sister Allison Ko

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