Monday, October 25, 2010

Pictures Galore

Mei fen's baptism picture
The little boy, little brother Hong's baptism
Mei fen's baptism. Her member friend, and neighbor member are in the picture too, they were both perfect for this family!

The wonderful zhou yuting's baptism, such a spiritual experience

We took a district trip last preparation day and went to a nearby miao, temple, isn't it just beautiful!?, more to come.... I love the red and all the decorations

We ate lunch and then hiked up to this other cool temple. And, by 'hike' i mean we walked up the paved road that led to the miao. I think I'll have to look really hard if I want to hike while I'm here--but this place was really pretty and so detailed, so cool!

yes, so many colors, so many cool things to look at.....

okay, so I promised a picture of my bike: I spray painted it so now it's a lot less attractive to theives. When I was done I actually like it a lot more and thought it was now more likely to be stolen--but my companion assured me that it is really ugly. i love my bike.

And, we went to get our haircut and hair washed! It was pretty fun, not going to lie, people in taiwan love to get their hair washed. I almost lasted a year without getting my hair cut :) yes, i know, it's pretty gross, but hey, when you pull your hair back in a ponytail everyday it looks the same

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