Monday, October 11, 2010

9/12/10 Email

The baptism was a little hectic. Last minute the dad (yes, there is a husband, and he actually used to be the elder's investigator but he wasn't willing to keep commitments) really didn't want them to come to church and get baptized and so it took a while and we got started a little late, but it was a really sweet, quick but great baptism. It ended up that only the son was baptized on sat, but we are still working with his mom. But, I loved how the son said that when he received the gift of the Holy Ghost he felt really comfortable and really felt special. I love that. And yes, he really will be such a great support for his mom and a great example for his family. It's hard because he is only 9 and has such a great responsibility but is working so hard to do the right things.
And, this week we have a young women who will be baptized, and maybe two if we can get parent's permission for another of our investigators. It's funny how you always seem to have spurts of the same type of investigator. When I first came to Taiwan there were a lot of single mothers or mothers with dad's who didn't help out much, then we have a whole bunch of single young women(20's), then here in nantou we have lately had a whole bunch of young women-age girls (13, 15). But sadly two of them still don't have parent permission. It's interesting, they both have divorced parents and live with their fathers, their fathers are fine with them coming to church and activities but won't let them get baptized. But especially one of them has started developing such a desire to be baptized and follow commandments. She even has been setting such an example for one of our new members that I fear is not being as obedient as she was first baptized. They have started a really cute friendship and I think they will really help each other out a lot.
We are going to be singing in sacrament meeting as well. We are really trying to improve the situation of the ward here. The church is perfect, we as members of the church are not, but we can do our best. We can have love for one another and can help one another. It's just so sad to see sometimes and I'm still not sure what else we can do, but we are going to start by singing in sacrament meeting and having a little share.

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