Sunday, October 24, 2010

9/26/10 Email

Dearest family,
Ok, here is a quick update on a couple random things that I've been wanting to mention :)
First, I got new bike handles! I used some birthday money for higher bike handles so that my back and my wrists will feel a little better, we ride bikes a lot more in this area so it was really worth it. And, I'll be painting my bike soon so I will take pictures shortly. Also, after the typhoon someone asked us questions about what we thought of the typhoon and what we were doing and why we were still outside when there was a typhoon....well, our picture was in the paper so I will also make a copy or take a picture and send you sometime :) Thirdly, I never thought I would eat jello, ice, starch ball, and beans in the same bowl and think it was so delicious. I never thought those foods could be so good, haha, sister lin loves them and taiwanese people really love cooked, cold beans in deserts and drinks. Who knew? Fourth, I now have more than 13 freckles. I have a couple small freckles on my face now, and I know you told me freckles on my hands was not good but I have two more....but no worries, I put sunscreen on almost every day and it seems to be helping. Oh, and if someone tells you that you run like a sheep, it's evidently a compliment :)
Ok--so, this week was really amazing, we had so many new members and so many investigators to church this week it was so exciting! Mei fen was able to get confirmed and her mom came! And we are also teaching another lady who honestly cannot read, its a little harder to teach because she can't even read the little kid book of mormon but she is so humble and came to church yesterday as well. We also have started teaching this really awesome student who came to english class last week. She also came to the baptism and had a really amazing experience. And, in church the cute new couple brought their friend to church and she was so great. Loved church and was so excited to meet with us again this week and learn more about the scriptures and about church. So cute and is going to be so great!
But, wow, the most exciting part was the baptism. Our cute little zhou yu ting was baptized on sat! She has been at school for the past couple weeks but came back on Friday and we got to sit down with her for a little bit on Sat and then she was baptized that night :) It was such an amazing baptism. Her mom also came and when she was sharing her feelings about church she got really emotional and her mom started crying a little bit too, it was a really moving baptismal service. The relief society president gave a really great talk as well and did a really great job of talking with her mom about baptism and the holy ghost. Her mom is really busy and not too interested in coming to church but is very supportive of her daughter. Yuting is the most golden investigator and is already a fantastic member. She is so willing to help and so willing to keep learning about the church and about how to better herself and develop good habits. I am so excited to see how her life turns out in a couple years, she is going to be the cutest and best mother ever. The church is true and Heavenly Father knows how we need to live in order to have happiness and be the best we can be. That is why we have commandments and prophets to let us know what they are.
I wish you all the best and love you!
-sister ko

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