Monday, October 11, 2010

8/30/10 Email

It is so weird that september is already here and football season (by the way, love that tara, honorary bruinette.... :) ) and school is starting up--how is school preparation going? I can't believe how fast everything is going by. This move-call we are having general conference. I honestly couldn't believe it. I'm pretty sure we just had general conference last month.... But wow, I love general conference and the opportunity to let our investigators and new members hear from the prophet. We talk about him but conference is their opportunity to see him speak and, ok it is a translation, but they get to hear the prophet of God giving revelation to the whole world. President Monson is an amazing man and a prophet of God's church. Have you seen "On the Lord's Errand"? I've seen it a couple times and it is really powerful, you can see that president monson really has spent his whole life in serving the Lord and in helping others.
Yeah! I'm glad the ward is getting my letters. I made a goal to write everyone back on my mission so it might take a couple months but I promise that I will respond :) And, my companion, since she is taiwanese she already can buy all of the same things when she returns home and can visit these places easily so she loves being inside on preparation day which has given me a great opportunity to catch up on writing. But, she said next week we can go out and do something special so I found this 'vacation' book in our apartment and I'll pick somewhere fun to go..... :) But, wow, being with sister lin has been so fabulous. We have also realized, this week especially, that we have a lot to do here, but I am very excited to be with her and serve with her. She is super obedient and really understands what she is doing here, I've never been with a companion who uses her time so wisely. I really hope a lot of her rubs off onto me this move-call.
On friday the whole southern island held a youth conference and a lot of the missionaries got to go. It was amazing--we were just here for one activity, but the youth of two stakes put on a little show. And of course they sang that 'be strong' song--have you been singing that in young women's? :) It was so great, and the Nantun ward was there too and I got to see members from my old area which was so wonderful, they are so strong and such great member missionaries. Sister Crane recently told me about how one invited her roommates to church and 2 are getting baptized this coming month. And, then after the show there were some missionary shares and then we got to get into groups with them and share about missionary work. Then...they got to do their own missionary work! Everyone was given a book of mormon and wrote their testimony in it. Then they are going to give it to a friend and invite that friend to church. Have you had any missionary days or activities in young women's lately? That is a fun one to do, and of course you can watch the living waters dvd too, i love it :)
Stake conference was this sunday and there were some great talks. One was President Perkins, I think he's the Asian area president of some sorts. He shared some great stories about his own father and a family he met while he was mission president in taibei. It was really wonderful and really powerful and we have one investigator that loved it. She loved church and is so excited to come back next week. She is the cutest thing ever, 18 years old, and she has so much desire to learn more and learn how to prepare to have a strong and loving family. She learned how to pray this week and loves it, really feels that someone is listening to her prayer and wants to have family prayer when she starts her own family! We have not even taught her about that, she came up with that activity on her own. This girl is amazing and i'm so excited to keep teaching her :)
Ok, love you all so much!
-Sister Ko

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