Monday, October 11, 2010

9/5/10 Email

Sister Ke and her children were able to come to church again yesterday so she and her son can be baptized on Saturday. Have I told you much about them? They really are an amazing family that really really needs the gospel. She is a very young mother with 4 children but it has been a really awesome experience to see them changing. She does love children a lot but she just has so many that she doesn't know how to take care of them. But she wants to change and wants to be better. She loves relief society and learning there. Sometimes you come across people that don't seem like they would accept the gospel but today I was reading in Alma 6:5 and just love how he says that the gospel was taught to everyone. No respector of persons or situation. Every single person can be benefited from the gospel. The gospel is for everyone. Everyone has the opportunity to use the same Atonement and everyone has the opportunity to change. Jesus Christ is the Savior of every single person that has and will live on this earth, and it is only through His Atonement that we can be saved. No matter how many bad things or good things you have done, everyone needs the same Atonement, the same Savior.

We have also been teaching zhou yu ting and she is more golden than I ever thought possible. Every lesson with her is filled with the spirit and she loves to read, loves to pray and loves church. She came to stake conference last week with us and loved every minute of it. Then she was so excited to come this week. The members already love her and she won't be here this next week because she is leaving for school but she will come back on weekends and be baptized in this ward. But, she will keep going to institute and church down at school. But, what I really love about her is that she finds strength from the scriptures, I love following up with her on the phone--she gets excited to share what she has learned and how it helps her. Especially with faith and keeping commandments. When we shared the last couple commandments she was a little nervous because she thought they were asking a lot of her but the next day she shared 1nephi 3:7 (she just set a goal of reading from the beginning, and perfectly came across this perfect verse :) ) with me over the phone and talked about how she knew she would be able to keep the commandments because Heavenly Father will prepare a way for us to do so. And, she this week wore a shirt over her dress because she had learned about modesty. She is just fabulous, and she loves family. Every time we meet with her I imagine her as the cutest, sweetest mother ever and can imagine her being very very happy with the support of the gospel. She loves the gospel, and already knows how to apply what she is learning to her life.... Just golden.
dearest family, I love you and hope you are all doing well and school will go well this week--school does start this week, right? :) Good luck, add oil, jiayou
sister ko

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