Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Pictures

Here is our zone, me and my beautiful companion, and our district at the temple. Elder Duncan, Elder Zhou and Sister Pease are now on their way home :( They are fantastic missionaries and will be dearly missed

the outside of the visitor's center by the temple

Going with our cute new members to play arcade games. They beat us badly :)

view from our apartment in the morning, so cool!

Eating ice cream at our apartment.

We had a ward missionary day and dialed phones at a 7 :) haha, yes, that is a part of a missionary's life

me and one of our great 18year old member friends who help us at lessons

renzhi and guimei after their baptism

Us with Zhang yumei, she's really cute and loves being with missionaries

Me and Jenny, our cute friend here, she is so sweet!

Our district here in Nantou! This is after the missionary night the ward held for the 3 leaving missionaries.

Some funny pictures, this totally epitomizes people in our district, I love these pictures....

Today we went to the missionhome and took this with some short term missionaries and some leaving missionaries....

I just love taiwanese decorations. This is the way to decorate a window.

Me and Sister Pease today at the mission home. She is now at her last day and will return to Salt Lake City shortly!

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