Monday, October 25, 2010

10/3/10 Email

Speaking of the new converts in Nantun, I have been really bad at writing them but I will work on this week or this month to write them all--i am just so slow at writing characters, but I will make a goal to write everyone this month. But! I just got a letter from cai ying xuan, she is the one with the cute little meimei. She has been doing so great, Sister Crane told me she has a calling and in her letter ying xuan told me that her son just got baptized as well! She says she and meimei miss me and Sister Norman and she misses us calling her and singing to her :) (we used to call her every morning for two weeks so she would remember not to drink tea) She is doing so great and I am so excited to see her continue to grow in the gospel and help her family.
Yes, it is sad how everyone will have some sort of trial in their first year of baptism and they really need to remember their testimony and the feelings they have already had to keep going strong. It is also really sad to see so many who have fallen away for silly reasons but still have strong testimonies. They can be such a support for others and such a strength to the ward but choose to stop coming to church. sad.
That is a cute story, it also reminds me of the story in Matt, and the song: Truth reflects upon our senses. I love that hymn. The taiwanese love it here, especially in nantun they sung it all the time, but it also has such beautiful words and a really awesome message. Who are we to judge others when we ourselves have faults. The only person who doesn't have any faults would not even consider judging others. (well, ok, not until the final judgement, but that is different)
just so you know, I love you guys.
--sister ko

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