Monday, October 25, 2010

10/17/10 Email

Brother and Sister Rasmussen sound like fantastic people and fantastic missionaries. And this is their third! :) So amazing. I think I remember hearing about them before, but I'm pretty sure I've never met them. And, that is a fantastic focus to their mission. I've really appreciated the recent conferences and talks we've had that focus on establishing the kingdom of God. Because baptism is not what establishes. It of course is the gate that we need to go to get on the path but baptism does not guarentee eternal life. To establish we really need an eternal focus, people who are baptized need to keep enduring and continue to make covenants. Yes! Get people to the temple!
And, I love Sister Rasmussen's experience. That is so true, you never know where you are going to find the prepared people and sometimes you wonder why you had a certain prompting. And, honestly, sometimes you never see the effects of your actions or don't understand why you were prompted to do something--but I would rather not know than live with the consequences of not following promptings. But sometimes you immediately see blessings and are so thankful for the guidance of the spirit. And it's really cool when you feel prompted to talk to someone and they immediately reject you and drive off and you wonder what you are doing, but the very next person you talk to (who obviously wasn't there when you first pulled up) is ready to hear about the gospel. Really exciting experiences and great memories. Yes! Start now to prepare for a mission, and you heard at conference too, everyone's help is needed. And, it really is the most bonding thing, to teach the gospel together. To teach something so beautiful and perfect and I think you teaching with dad would be so awesome, because you would be teaching about things that you have really experienced in live and are living, you are living an eternal marriage and know how it has blessed your life.
Just want to tell you about our recent converts. Golden. So great. Coming to church and coming to activities, and our little zhou yuting, she is willing to help the missionaries while she is at school. And, when she gave the prayer a couple weeks ago in church she was so cute. Saying a prayer in public can be such a scary thing for a new member but she was so great and willing. In her prayer she said, "And, although I'm just a new member, I'm am so thankful for the opportunity to be in relief society and say the prayer." She really is the cutest thing ever. And that little boy, it has been so hard to get him to church because his parents are being really difficult. At first they said if he got his homework done they would let him go to church. Then they wouldn't let him go because on wednesday he didn't have his homework done,...then it was that he couldn't help his mom take care of the kids if he went to church. It was really frustrating because they kept coming up with new reasons not to let him come. But he really is amazing. He is the most stalwart 9 year old I've ever seen. He has worked to hard every day to get his homework done, and he still takes care of his sisters and brother. He loves church and does so much to come to church every day. I am so impressed by his faith. Have I told you what he said at his baptism and confirmation? He said he felt really comfortable and really happy. And then he told us that he even felt a little bit like crying during his confirmation. He is such a great kid, and so willing to do what he needs to in order to keep commandments.
Ok, this is it for today, I love you all and wish you luck in work and school (don't let it get too boring :) )
-your sister, daughter, etc.
Sister Ko

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