Monday, October 11, 2010

8/18/10 Letter

Haha, with it being so hot here I guess I'm almost used to it, I mean, you take a shower but immediately start sweating again so I think I'm getting used to it....I take a little handkerchief/towel with me in my proselyting bag so that helps. And make sure to bring a lot of water each day :) But! One of the members said that it would gradually start getting cooler in a little while! :)
So, Sister Pease is off and heading to Utah so I have a new companion! She is a Taiwanese! So this is my first Taiwanese companion! I'm a little nervous, not going to lie, but I'm really excited about the blessings and miracles she will bring to this area. And, she will help me a lot on understanding more of the culture and of course help me with my language a lot. She is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met, not kidding. I can't believe I don't have a picture for you--but I will make sure next week we have pictures. Lin yin zi, Sister Lin, is my companion. From Taibei, and has one little sister who is just about to start college, from what she was saying I think she and her mom were baptized when she was 8 and her dad was baptized, either 10 years after or 10 years ago. One thing I am also nervous about is that she came from a really busy, really prosperous area that was kind of like Nantun and Nantou is just such a country area, it's different.
But!! Sat we had a baptism! Ren zhi and gui mei got baptized! There was a youth missionary activity after which was their baptism! It was a beautiful service and we even had some investigators come and were able to enjoy and really feel the spirit. I am so excited to see them be baptized, ren zhi has completely given up smoking, but she found new work that originally told her she wouldn't have to work on Sundays so we are working with her to help find a way to work something out with her boss. They are both so fantastic, and after we watched Finding Faith in Christ with them, our investigators, and some members, it was amazing to hear our new member's testimonies and even our investigator is starting to get to know Christ and start to feel of His sacrifice and the significance of the Atonement and mostly of Jesus Christ's love for all of us. It was amazing.
Ok, I love you all and will write next week and send you pictures with me and my new companion. Thank you for your love and letters!
-sister ko

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