Saturday, June 29, 2013

3/13/11 Email

This week has been so amazing too, oh my many people to church this week!  So many new members, so many investigators!  And, a couple were some really precious member referrals that we've been man man lai working with them.  Jiayi is just bursting with all sorts of miracles--we have 2 getting baptized this coming sunday and a bunch that are still progressing towards the goal of baptism.  The two getting baptized are zheng pei xiang and wu jing min.  They both were still a little nervous but after their baptismal interviews they just realized they were ready and they are so excited!  Jing min went out after her interview and bought a skirt, she looked so beautiful yesterday at church.  She and her boyfriend are our investigators but her boyfriend goes home on weekends to Huwei so is their investigator and will get baptized there.  But he came to church here yesterday and loved it--they both have fantastic testimonies.  They are always a little hesitant right up front to change.  But they want the blessings.  It was so awesome because the first time we told brother zeng, the boyfriend, about word of wisdom he didn't want to keep it.  The blessings weren't even enough.  He didn't even want to set a goal to start keeping it.  It didn't feel right to pressure him so I just told him to go home and talk about it with Heavenly Father and set a goal with Him.  And, especially ask for His help because we definitely need Heavenly Father's help.  And I guess it was kind of a mistake on my part, because his girlfriend had already come to church a couple times so she was ready for a baptismal interview and so in a lesson later that week we showed them the questions and asked them if there were any problems.  It was going to just be her interview, but he said he was ready as well :)  So they both had interviews on Sat and he decided that night that he was going to start keeping the word of wisdom.    They have such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and that is honestly what it takes.  Once the Book of Mormon is true everything else just falls into place.  They all are just so ready.

We are also still teaching the Zhang children, and they are still coming to church but their mom refuses to stay for Primary.  She says that the youngest still has to go to school and she won't let someone take the other kids back home so they haven't been to primary or young men's yet.  We are still trying to figure out their true desire as well, Sat's lesson was not as great as before.  There was no desire to learn and whenever we ask them if they wanted to go to church they just say: dou keyi (anything is ok).  So, we are still working with them, working with mom to figure out what we can do to help them.
Jiahui (last week's Week A dropout) is not doing too well.  We are still meeting with her and helping her set some goals to improve her life, develop faith, and to realize she doesn't have to be married to be happy.  God wants us to be happy in all and any phase of life.  God knows what we need to do to be happy, use His methods.
This week was fantastic new member week!  Guo xiu rong found a way to get to church and we are trying to help her see that she can do it every week.  She needs church.  Well, it actually all is pretty much because of our zone leader's fantastic invitation this past week: Operation: Get Recent Converts to the Temple.  All the lessons to our recent converts were focused on the goal of going to the temple, what we feel when we go, why we go, and how we can prepare.  All our new members are at different stages of preparation but the week ended with: 1 new temple recommend, 3 new commitments to go next month, and everyone else recommitting to keep certain commandments needed to obtain their temple recommend.  Our new members are going to the temple! And, over 50% came to church!  The sad thing is that should not be something exciting, they should be there every single week.  We are still working on that.  
And we've been helping our new member jing yi come to church by giving her small callings such as ward greeter :)  She came early to church and was wearing a skirt yesterday so she could help us welcome people to church :)  And we've been asking her to help us call and share scriptures with people.  We are hoping that as she learns to serve that she can feel the happiness and sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others.
Oh!  I wanted to share something that I learned as I was reading this morning.  This is something I never would have thought of before.  I love doing this activity where we are all the time focused on Christ.  I was reading Jacob 1:10-11.  It is totally about Nephi.  But, it talks about how the people love Nephi because he protected them and 'labored in all his days for their welfare.'  Then! 'wherefore, the people were desirous to retain in remembrance his name.'  This is exactly the same reason we always remember Christ.  I never realized that before.  I always love to share Moroni 4:3 about our promise when we partake of the sacrament.  Part of that is that we always remember Jesus Christ.  BUT, when we recognize what peopel have done for us, especially Jesus Christ, we appreciate and always remember.  It's just natural.  Remembering him will come naturally.  I used to think that was something hard--that we were supposed to always try and think about Jesus, but it's really not.  Once we learn about his sacrifice for us and how every single effort of His has been for us and in our behalf--how can we understand about his sacrifice and not always think about it and what it means to us?  There is so much studying and learning and changing I still need to do.....

Love you!
-sister allison ko

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