Saturday, June 29, 2013

May 15, 2011

 That Lin li hui is doing so well.  She keeps telling everyone how the gospel has blessed her life and how she has felt our love and the love of the members and is so excited for baptism.  She comes to activities and is already set up to arrange the game in YSA next week :)  I just keep thinking about how one little bike ride up the mountain got her thinking again about what the church and what the Book of Mormon means to her--she agreed to keep meeting with us and we saw her on Tuesday.  She still brought up her tithing concern and the peike was fantastic, I was thinking we could help her set a later goal and help her develop the faith to keep the commandment, but the Lord had quicker plans in mind.  It was a miracle. Miracle peike, miracle investigator.  I went out really fast to make a phone call, came back in and she said: Ok, I've decided.  Meiyou guanxi, I'm going to get baptized this sat."  :)  It was one of the saddest things I had to do to tell her she needed to postpone it one more week so she could come to church and have it announced :)  But, she just decided on her own that she was going to go for it anyway; keep the commandments and let Heavenly Father bless her. 
Li wen ting is great too, I was so nervous the same thing was going to happen to her when she wouldn't answer her phone for two days after she got back (but no worries, her plane just came a day later :) ).  The ward already loves her and wants her to give a lesson on gardening for a RS activity.  She is getting busy with her tests and graduation, but she is just so ready for the blessings of baptism.
Xu yating has started telling us that she is not so sure about baptism anymore and not sure if she is ready.  She says she wants to read and understand more of the Book of Mormon first--I'm still not quite sure if that is her real concern or not--but she is still willing for a baptismal interview so on sat she will have one and we will see if any other concerns come up. (She had a test this week and wasn't able to have her interview this week)  Hopefully when she passes we can help her see that means she is ready, once she believes and is willing to keep the commandments.
It was such a great week, such great investigators to church and so many new members at church!  It was fantastic.  There were so many people at church they had to get more chairs out :)
-sister ko

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