Saturday, June 29, 2013

4/10/11 Email

 That cute little boy, ling yuchen got baptized yesterday!  He was so nervous and got so scared when he went under the water.  I think he doesn't know how to swim and he couldn't quite get his footing when he came up out of the water, but Elder Chen just picked him up out of the water and he was ok after that.  Elder Chen was worried that people would think he was trying to drown the poor kid, but yuchen was brave and he was fine afterwards.  He was really really excited to get baptized and I'm excited to keep working with their family and help them to be active.  They have a wonderful family and just need a couple invitiations and follow-ups to start them on some good family habits.

This week I really wanted to focus on recent converts and getting in contact with them.  We were able to sit down with quite a few and get a hold of a lot as well.  I want to sit down with them as much as possible and hopefully at least once a week.  As I told you last week, talking with them and meeting with them I am very nervous for a couple and feel they really need that constant reminder of doing the simple things to help our testimony stay strong. 
  AND--- the most miraculous thing.  So, when I went on exchanges with Sister Chen in Zhanghua over 6 months ago we met this woman and had one of the most spirit-filled first lessons I've ever had.  I remembered her xing was guo and even asked Sister Chen about that lady during zone conference--evidently she got baptized and then moved somewhere.  Well, she moved to xitun!  On Sunday she recognized me immediately and once she told me she met me in Zhanghua I knew exactly who she was.  We were able to sit down with her and Sister Morey tells me that she is probably still struggling so I am so excited for the opportunity to be able to be here and be a part of strengthening her.  Every day there are little reminders that I need to be here--I need to learn from these people and I need to give of myself for the ones who are here.
 We also have been working more with the ward and started to go visit some of the members this week and will try to set up with them throughout this week as well.  They really are wonderful, hard-working, full of testimony-members.  I've loved going to visit them or talk with them.  Also, asking them for people to visit I think will help--Sister Morey reminded me that when we show them we are doing what they want they will respect us and be thankful for us.  So we will :)  We are going to take care of and visit those precious people they are worried about right now.  I think this will help the ward, not only with the ward relations, but will also help those struggling and want to come back.
I just want to be obedient and I want us to look good in front of the ward, I want us to be able to get the things we need to done.  But, I know, I need to have more patience, and I learned a lot in conference too.  Oh my goodness, was that not the most wonderful weekend ever?!  Wow, what I love too, is that I still got very different things from Conference than you'all did.  No matter who we are, or what situation in life there are many things to learn and to apply.  It answers everyone's prayers.  Also, as I was thinking about our new members and investigators-- and I sorely hope that the wonderful Jiayi investigators and new members were listening.  I wrote their names in my notes and I hope they were able to watch those sessions or at least I will copy it when it comes out and send it to them.  And, I also love the spirit that Conference brings and how the spirit will tixing, will remind you what you need to do or something you need to work on.  And I think I learned different things because I really need to work on different things.  Be more giving, more sharing, more loving.  Selfless service is the key.  Conference was a really amazing experience for me, I learned a lot and had some personal tixing's about goals I need to set and qualities I want to develop.  I'm pretty sure I know what I need to do.
I love you all so much and hope you have fantastic weeks!  Time is going by too quickly, enjoy the time you have.  Oh wow, another semester will be over shortly won't it?
-love you!
-sister allison ko

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