Saturday, June 29, 2013

6/5/11 Email

 Not too much to report on, some of our investigators are not progressing too well at this point and we just need to find more investigators.  We did have quite a few first lessons this last week which was awesome, getting some more people into our teaching pool and progressing--but the holiday and other family emergencies made it so that people couldn't make it to church on Sunday.  But one of the things we specifically fasted for yesterday was to help more people come to church.  We are thinking about better ways to help more people come to church and realize the blessings from doing so.
Wang hao xuan is doing ok, didn't go to church because she went home, but when we meet with her we want to help her set a goal, she is done with her tests so she should be ready and not feel too stressed out to make the decision.
The Chen family, dad doesn't really seem too interested when we go over, but he randomly drops in and hears bits and pieces.  At first I wasn't sure if they were interested anymore because they didn't come to English and sounded busy when they answered the next day--but we went to see them on Sat and....when she came down to meet with us she brought her ziploc-bag-protected Book of Mormon and xiao pengyou Book of mormon :)  They pray as a family and are going to start reading from the Book of Mormon together at night.  She is a fantastic mom.  We were finally able to finish a first with her and the need for a restoration totally made sense to her. She heard about the WofW in English and when we were talking about apostasy she said, Yeah, other people changed the true church, like how we aren't supposed to drink tea and coffee. :)  She is still nervous about baptism but she knows that is what we want her to help her prepare for and next time we will explain more about why.
Lin li hui is a dream new member.  She loves being a peike and I think the most amazing part about it is that she wants to improve.  She will think she didn't do very well and ask for improvements, and then really take them to heart.  She has a beautiful testimony of the Book of Mormon and everyone she meets can feel that.  Li wen ting is doing good.  She got done with her test and has still been a little stressed out waiting for the results but she is doing good.  I was worried about her for a while because she didn't answer her phone the whole week before her test, but I think she's also recovering from a cold so her body is just under a lot of stress right now.
Ok, and I have to tell you about this one investigator we met this week.  So, I get this phone call one night from this girl that says, "Hey, is this sister ko?  this is xie jia ling, I met you on the street last week and you gave me your number.  I want to come to church."  I know.  Those are the words you live for as a missionary.  I asked her if she could meet with us beforehand, so we sat down with her on Sat night.  I love how the things you are prompted to emphasize are really what they need.  As we taught at first we focused a lot on the Spirit and what the spirit does and what it feels like.  When she came to church she was there on time, in a skirt, and had a fantastic experience.  We met with her after and she was talking about how she read the Book of Mormon the night before and had a special feeling when she read the book.  She doesn't have feelings when she reads other books, only this one :)  And, she was so awesome, she said, "And I felt that when I was in church, and I feel it right now, can you feel it?"  She is just so receptive to the message and to the spirit and I know it will keep testifying to her.  She just lives in another area so we have to give her up, but she has a goal to be baptized before the end of the month and I'm so excited for her.  Golden.
Oh!  And I'm excited for today, Momo and xiao jin (she got baptized after I left Nantou) are coming up to visit for lunch and next week everyone from Jiayi is coming to visit.  I am so excited to see them!
Well, I guess this is the inevitable part that I need to get to....I got the flight plans.  Not going to lie, I will probably not be in the best shape either and will have plenty of jet-lag to get over....Leave from Taibei on Jun21 4:40pm, then on the same day :)  from LA 4:20pm to Salt Lake, get to Salt Lake at 7:05.  Then from Salt Lake to Twin at 9:50 to 10:54pm on Tuesday June 21st.  So, yes, prepare for me to be at the Twin Falls airport on Tuesday night of the 21st.
I love you all so much, please keep praying for this area and our investigators and the people that need to be found in the next couple weeks,
-sister ko

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