Saturday, June 29, 2013

4/3/11 Email

Thank you so much for your prayers, the area and especially me, really needed them this week and their effects were felt and seen.  Thank you so much.  Please don't stop.  

I am so excited for conference!  Oh, I love conference so much and can't wait for new members and investigators to attend and hear prophets and apostles speaking to us.  We will be able to see the broadcasts this weekend.  On sat we will go to a bigger church to watch but Sunday will be here in this chapel and we might not have english :)
This week was really good for me.  Yes, there are a lot of things that still need to be done to get us up to the mission standard with lessons and to get our recent converts to church but we are setting goals and are making plans to get up there.  As we look at our schedule for this week it is already filled with planned lessons so this week as we keep working hard and have good backup plans we will be able to accomplish our goals.  Not going to lie, I got a little stressed out this week; the move was not too easy for me but I am determined to work hard because I want to see miracles.  I want this area to progress and to be the area that everyone wants to move to.  It has such potential!  We saw so many miracles this week already and will keep seeing more.  And, I have some personal goals too, to man man help out ward relations and peikes.  I had a really good experience in church yesterday too, one of the brothers shared about how we need challenges to grow.  If we don't struggle we can't grow.  It was a good reminder to me that we need to be taken out of our comfort zone to give us a chance to be better and progress; to change.
It was fantastic though--we had a baptism!  Our new member's boyfriend got baptized--he went home for the weekend though and we were unable to get a hold of him so we're not sure if he went to church there, but he gave a fantastic share and it was a wonderful baptismal service.  Yes, I have a boy recent's a little weird, but he's awesome and we have lessons with him and his girlfriend so it's not too bad.  He was so nervous for the baptism but it was a really great service.  There are amazing ward mission leaders here and I'm excited for the missionary work that will be happening in the near future.
One of the goals we have this week is to meet with the bishopric and their families and get to know them; let them know we are here to serve them--hopefully that will help. 
We also have a cute Ling family that has a son soon to be baptized.  It's really amazing, I knew them when I was in Nantun(my first area) and it is so cool so see them again--but, they need a lot of help to get them active again.  And, especially if we want to help our soon-to-be new convert endure to the end.  They have desire, they just need a little bit more to get them to act on it.  It's a mom and two kids are members, dad is not.  Still working with them.
New converts, we are going to be spending more time with them this week.  I did a very poor job getting a hold of them this week and it showed in the numbers.  I assummed some of them would come to church on their own and, calling all of them after church, it turns out everyone had work off so they went out to play with friends or just went out with the family.  Yes.  We have made plans to get in contact with them more often and especially to sit down with them.  They are very precious and I feel like they are at very critical times right now.  Especially now need to act and do the things that will strengthen their testimony.
My companion is fantastic, she is the most beautiful thing ever as you can see--she has lived all over Asia and now her family is in Draper, Utah.  She has amazing Chinese and a beautiful testimony.  She is just such a sweet sweet girl and has such a open attitude to changes, it's so wonderful to be with her!
Ok, dearest family, I love you and please keep praying for us--have a wonderful week, and keep thinking about Conference what goals you can make to help us live more like the prophets and apostles invite us to do.
-sister ko

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