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May 8, 2011 Email

 Ok, well, I can let you know a little bit more about what's been going on here--Sister Morey moved.  Oh, she is such a sweet girl, I miss her sweetness and I know that the members do too, especially Sister Zhou and our new member Sister Peng, but they are so strong they will be fine--I have a new companion: Sister Smith!  Sister Smith from Alpine, Utah!  She also went to BYU, super smart girl and fluent in Spanish :)  She is a cute little newbie, just got on the island, but her Chinese is fantastic, I'm not sure what they are teaching in the MTC but those programs are improving every month and these new missionaries have fantastic Chinese.  She's a super bright girl so she is picking up on things really quickly and we just need to get out there more--poor girl, we had some really far places we were going right when she got here and we haven't been able to have very many 1st lessons.  Haha, we've had a bunch of less-active, new member, or haha, even a priesthood lesson :)  One of our new members is a boy, that Brother Liu, he's cool, I don't know to be honest, that lesson was a new one to me.  I've never really helped prepare someone to receive the priesthood before :)
Wen ting is in Thailand and won't come back until Thursday, but she is still so good, her family will come with her to church next Sunday (yeah more investigators, more people to church!)
And, xu ya ting, she has a test and even coming for a little bit wasn't an option because of her mom--said school was more important and wouldn't let her go.  But this week will have her baptismal interview and next Sunday will be baptized! :)  I've been meeting the young women of the ward as well and hopefully can get more to come with us to visit her in later visits, she is so willing with everything and doing well.  Her sister doesn't really have as much interest anymore, just wanted to watch tv when we came.
Ok. The craziest thing happened with our Lin li hui (Oh, by the way she has the most beautiful English name: Anne :) ).  Her phone was off after she passed her baptismal interview and when it came on again two days later she still didn't answer (very very weird for her).  So, we went to go visit her yesterday.  She lives very very far away.  It's not on our map (don't worry, it's still in our area, it's just the country part so the city map that I had didn't quite reach that far) so we talked to the nice patient people on the road for directions.  It was totally worth it.  At first we weren't sure whether to go in because her family is chaoji fandui.  She's 26, and hasn't even actually told her family she goes to church but is scared of their reaction, but she loves it, she really wants to get baptized.  But after praying it just seemed like what we needed to do.  We knocked and luckily she was there! And, her family wasn't! (we actually got to meet the family as we left which was actually really good, they are really nice people and I think it's good for them to see that we aren't crazy people :) ).  We sat down with her and she was so gandong.  She said that she hoped that if she didn't answer her phone we would understand she had family fandui and forget about her and find someone else to teach.  I let her know we loved her and knew she had a testimony, needed this gospel so we couldn't give up on her.  It's the tithing thing.  She hasn't mentioned it but is afraid her family won't understand so she can't get baptized.  First things first, helped her realize she can still come to church--of course taking the sacrament won't have any meaning without being baptized but she can still have the rest and peace from keeping the sabbath day holy, and still have the blessings of keeping the other commandments.  We are going to keep working with her to help her know how to talk with her parents and help strengthen her faith to be able to overcome this tithing issue--she knows that.  She's willing to keep meeting with us.  Oh I love her and, she mentioned that us coming was an answer to her prayers.  Oh, I love her and want to help her overcome this so bad.  She knows this is what she needs and wants it so bad.
Luo peiting broke up with us, feels like she's not receiving answers so she's going to give it a break--still going to pray and read but doesn't want to meet with us--also, committed to keep word of wisdom so we are allowed to call her in one month and see if she has seen the affects of keeping the word of wisdom.
Wang hao xuan, wow, committed to keeping sabbath after mother's day.  She hasn't ever been to church before because she keeps going home, but I really feel like she is committed, she keeps the commitments she has been extended and now that she knows coming to church is a commandment she is willing!  She has been nervous about letting her parents know about church and she has been thinking about getting baptized but our peike was great and she had the greatest amount of family fandui ever--her experience was really good for hao xuan.
We were able to have a lot of new member and less-active lessons this week!  It's interesting to meet with them, and hopefully we will be able to help them more, I've really been thinking about a couple this week and what to share with them that will help them.  A few that are inactive are partly due to becoming offended.  One knows she needs to get over it and says she is in the middle of forgiving (it's kind of sad, it's over a pot and some food during a BBQ, 10 years of activity in the church get upset by a pot), but is too bu hao yisi to come to church and see the person that offended her--thinks that staying at home and praying is good enough right now but knows her kids need more.  She has noticed they are not happy and are much lazier, but won't quite take that extra step to help get to church.
Love you!
-sister ko

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