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3/21/11 Email

  Oh my goodness I hope I can stay here forever, but I doubt it.  In interviews with President Bishop last week he told Sister Peterson not to enjoy our companionship too much because it wasn't going to last too much longer so one of us is leaving and I've been here longer....Had a lot of good times with Sister Peterson this week, had some good laughs and she helps me calm down and not feel so stressed out about things we can't control.  I know I can get a little tense( ok, a lot), she helps me a lot.  We are just going to enjoy this last week together and see what happens.  I really wish I could stay.  I love the ward and our investigators more than ever and want to see them receive baptism.  But I also have this feeling that they need someone else's talents right now to help them push through those last little trials to be baptized.  I might leave.
But this week was so good!  Pei xiang got baptized!  It was a fantastic baptism and it was actually a really big event :)  There were so many members and investigators there, pretty much half of the investigators that came to church stayed after for the baptism, and it was a perfect one to go to.  She wasn't nervous at all and she had a beautiful share, she was even sick on Sat but still was prepared to get baptized.  I hope it helped our cute little investigators to see her testimony and see how she has grown.  You can see from the pictures she is the cutest little thing ever.  Wow, I am so excited for her and I know she is going to be the best peike ever.  It was really cute, she even ordered the Liahona (ensign-type magazine) a couple weeks ago so it was the most happy moment ever to see everyone congratulate her on her baptism and she was just there in the middle, holding her Liahona and beaming.  Family, it was an amazing moment.
The other jing min, long story short, she might not have gotten parent permission so she didn't get baptized.  But, yes, also making this very long story shorter--we met the family and will meet the mom and let her meet more ward members.  It has nothing to do with her testimony, she has a fantastic testimony--it's her family, but now her family knows and they want to know more about the church so: perfect. :)  I am so excited to meet her this week and let her meet people and tell her more about the church because, honestly, who hears more about the church and can't help but love it more?
And, recently we've been meeting with this family who are Taiwanese but grew up in America.  The Lin family.  They have twin boy and girl and they are a very well off family.  It's pretty much the most beautiful apartment I've been to in Taiwan.  It was really funny, we met them when they stopped to talk to us in English and we invited them to English class and then found out they had lived in California for over 15 years.  Then we just talked about what we were doing in Taiwan and how we wanted to share with them.  They were really interested for their kids but it has been fantastic meeting with them.  They still have very Taiwanese ways of thinking, but are actually very open to reading and praying.  They both have medical degrees in internal medicine.  Yep, they are riduclously smart and have plenty of questions, but luckily the message we are sharing with them has all the answers :)  I think the hardest part for John is that the answer really is that easy.  It's all about the doctrine of Christ.  He asks, what does your church offer for children as a way to help them face trials or prepare to face the world?  What do you do if people make mistakes?  What program can you offer them? Simple: Church.  Every Sunday we have a program the prepares us for not only the trials now, but for eternal life.  Teach them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, endure to the end.  It really is that simple.  Everyone makes mistakes, that's why we need to repent. every day.
Yeah, it's been a little weird lately, we've had quite a few lessons in English lately--one of the members is actually American and she introduced us to her American friend (who is really interesting too, from the Bible belt, oh what a character, love them love them, more on him later), and when we meet with Karen's daughter and the Lin family those lessons are still in chinglish which I'm actually a lot more comfortable speaking in.  It's been fun lately :)
I love you all.  I hope you have a fantastic week!
-sister ko

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