Saturday, June 29, 2013

5/29/11 Email

 In one of our meetings they let the leaving missionaries have a few minutes to give a reflection of their mission.  We also were supposed to type it up and send it to the mission, so I sent mine to you as well.  I also didn't realize how much I would need to apply those principles I thought I had learned right now.  These last weeks haven't been easy.  But, I know more than ever that there is always a way to change and our Savior will always be right there to help us.  He gives us the opportunity to change because He loves us.  If I didn't change I would just keep doing the same silly things, don't worry, I'm just changing and becoming better, let Marcus know, he was worried I wasn't changing :)
This church week was amazing:  that wonderful Chen family came along with Haoxuan, her friend, xu ya ting and her friend.(inviting friends along really increases numbers now doesn't it? :) )  The family only came for sacrament and thought it was pretty long--but then they went and saw the other ward with the Primary section and want to come to all three hours next time.  The only thing is that usually they go home to Zhang hua on weekends--hopefully we can help them get to church there next weekend.  They also all love English class--have I told you about them?  They have five children from age 10-1.5 and they are the cutest and honestly very guai children.  We haven't been able to share very much because of work schedule and taking care of the kids, but they really like us and love English, like church.  Mom and children were also able to come to the RS activity on Sat.  It was so good, and the ward was really excited about them.
Wang hao xuan, done with her test and came to the activity on Sat as well.  It was amazing, she had a friend who was visiting for the weekend and so I thought she wouldn't want to meet with us--but she brought her friend to the activity AND met with us AND they both came to church.  I think that is one of the biggest indicators that she has really been moved by the gospel, she wants her friends to know what she is doing and what she is investigating.  I missed her so much when she was getting ready for her test!--I'm really excited to meet with her again and help her set a date to be baptized!  And, she is from jiayi and so I'm so excited to tell all my friends down there about her and have them help her when she goes home on the weekends.
One of the LA's we have been working with lately has said she can come to church next month!  Lu yi jing.  She has been reading every day since we met with her and praying.  Her lesson last week was one of the most memorable ones.  We watched the Joseph Smith DVD she said her heart wouldn't stop pounding.  Then when we were reviewing the Book of Mormon and random gospel topics I don't really remember exactly what it was I said, but something about how I love being able to have the gift of the Holy Ghost and she just stopped me and said, "Wow, I can really tell that this gospel has blessed your life and made you so happy.  You are just so happy whenever you share anything about church."  And, it stopped me for a minute and made me really think about it.  One thing I have also gained from bearing testimony all the time is that it really is realizing that it is every single part of the gospel that makes me happy.  I love bearing testimony of any piece of it because, simply put,  it is all a witness of a loving Heavenly Father and His true gospel.  But, I also just love that Sister Lu is really recognizing the spirit again and realizing how it can and does make her happier.
Oh my goodness, and Anne, Lin li hui, is such a superstar.  We taught her how to be a peike and she was so excited and willing.  She attended our ward coorelation meeting on Sat and then attended the nation-wide fireside that Elder Bednar spoke at.  I love seeing her all the time, she is such a little ball of energy and excitement all the time.  She loves her scriptures and always has something she wants to share with us from it.  She is such a little miracle girl and wow, she will do great things for the ward, I'm excited to watch her grow....

Have a wonderful week, please keep praying for me and this area,
-sister ko

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