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3/28/2011 Email

I moved back up north to Taizhong in a northern area called xitun.  Oh I miss Jiayi and my companion so very much--but I am so thankful that I could be able to come to a new area and meet more of these beautiful Taiwanese people.  I love meeting new people and I'm excited about this opportunity to be with Sister Morey (who, by the way, is fantastic) and be here in another hilly area! So now dad doesn't have to be worried about all the good food, I will be riding up hills for the rest of the mission :) Don't worry dad, I won't get too chubby.

Jiahui did not get baptized last week. She wasn't even planning on coming to church because it was cold (yes, it's a legit excuse for a Taiwanese person) but I told her I really wanted to see her before I left and told her she should come to church.  She came.  She does, she just needs reminders and someone to wake her up in the morning.  She cried when I shared in church but when I sat by her and just talked to her a little bit she was fine.  She just needed some more reminders about how it's church and the scriptures that will make her happy and that as she keeps coming to church she will be fine.  She will be fine.  I think it's just such a change for our investigators and they don't realize that missionaries move often so the change was a little hard on some of our investigators but I am just so excited for them and the new opportunities they will have to learn from Sister Hamilton.  And Sister Peterson is so fantastic, she knows our CAL report like none other.  And she knows our investigators.  And, honestly, she teaches with the spirit, she is bold but loving, lets them know what they need to do to receive the blessings they want.  I love her. So much. Not going to lie, we both were sadded by the inevitable--but I know that she will keep seeing miracles and she has such a great attitude that Jiayi will keep doing so well.
That cute tongxue, cai you jia, she passed her baptismal interview!  She didn't pass the first one because she personally didn't feel she was ready, which is the last question.  And, our poor district leader was trying to be you banfa and kind of scared her but we finally convinced her to have another interview.  When we asked her what questions she wanted to review before the interview she wanted to go over 2 and then...3.(do you feel you have fully repented of your sins?)  I felt so horrible that our cute little, practically perfect you jia thought she hadn't fully repented.  And do you know why!?  Because she was still tempted to drink tea!  I asked her if she did.  No.  I loved the last half of that lesson talking about how she was doing so great because she wasn't giving into the temptation and, most importantly, about how the miraculous thing about repentance and the Atonement is that once we repent, God forgets what we have done.  We still remember, we don't want to do it again, but He forgets.  Once we repent, to Him we are perfect.  And, yes, still need to repent everyday, but when we do, Heavenly Father forgives us, every single time.  And, yes she still is a shy little tongxue so we got permission for our fantastic zone leader to do the interview.  He was just perfect for her, and honestly, she was ready.  She turned 18 this month so she still needs verbal permission but she will be baptized shortly :)  I love that girl. 
The cute, new baptized pei xiang is amazing.  Love her.  And she is already a guanxin queen.  When jiahui came she immediately went over to sit by her and comfort her.  Shared her testimony and shared about how coming to church was like a family feeling.  It was so perfect for jiahui who wants family.  Peixiang is already a fabulous member and peike (she also helped out at the wedding sat night).  She just voluntarily helps and loves people.  It's so cool to watch, she was already a sweet person before but as she has come to church she has just reached out more to others and just wants to help more.  She's also mellowed out a bit, more calm and just looks happier all the time.  Wow. So wonderful to be able to see her progress like this.
Not going to lie, it was hard to leave.  I love Jiayi.  It was hard to leave Sister Peterson. We may or may not have cried.  Yesterday was hard.  I don't know... I guess long story short, there were a few people that I didn't know I had made a difference on and it was really hard to leave.  I love those people.  So much.  But, it's a weird feeling, because I'm not worried for them, they love reading scriptures, know the importance of church and will continue to do the right things and progress--I'm just sad to not be there with them anymore.
But, honestly, I am so excited to be here with Sister Morey.  Oh my goodness she is a fantastic missionary.  She has vision, she has ideas, I'm excited.  She is also a really great worker and I'm so grateful for her and for her enthusiasm in introducing me to a new area.  I'll let you know more about her next week.  But first I would just like to ask a favor: please pray for this area.  Exercise your faith and pray for Xitun.  Pray for our investigators, pray to help us find more people to bring unto Christ, pray for our new members to make the right decisions, pray for the members to be receptive to missionary work.
Ok, that is the wrap-up on Jiayi, next week be ready for the miracles of Xitun!

Love you! -sister ko

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